Grace and Gratitude in the New Year: Kit 3 Review

This month, is the final stretch in 100 Days of Grace and Gratitude. I have been working through this devotional by Shanna Noel since November 1, and it has been provided a steadfastness in my faith the past few months that I didn’t know I needed. As I enter into 2019 I’ll be taking the month of January to reflect, dream, prioritize, and seek God’s leading.

The December Devotional kit by DaySpring and Illustrated Faith comes with two options, one with a fun add-on. You can shop both using my affiliate link here and through this post. And the part I am the most excited about this month are the six devotionals. You can hear more about how I chose to organize them over on my Instagram TV channel. I do a quick read through of all the devotionals at the beginning of the month and try to think through how they will best fit together. I order them myself and then carry them with me in my Bible everywhere. I found that this lets me really dig into the content which is the whole reason I Bible journal. I want my focus to be on Scripture, and not just on the making. Although I do agree with Brene Brown when she says, that “we move what’s in our heads to our hearts through our hands” and that is why the creative elements are also so important.  Let’s talk about the January kit!


Product Details

    • 6 devotionals
    • 1 washi tape
    • 1 4×6 clear stamp set
    • 1 sheet of acetate shapes
    • 2 sheets of diecut pieces
    • 1 sticky note pad
    • 1 Grace & Gratitude stickers
    • 1 surprise from Shanna
    • 1 thank you card from Shanna
    • Packaged in a box with mustard gold tissue and sticker
    • Free digital file of visual elements

Join Shanna Noel on carrying grace and gratitude into the new year with bold strokes and beautiful colors of our December Illustrated Faith ‘Grace & Gratitude’ devotional kit. This kit will help you go into the new year with anticipation for a fresh start, new hope, and exciting adventures on the horizon! Fun new elements like a sticky note pad make this kit something you will reach for over and over throughout the month. The 4×6 clear stamp set gives you multiple words to help you kick off the year right and keep reminding yourself to look for grace and gratitude throughout 2019.

Devotional message:
Grace & Gratitude

So now that you have the general overview here is the order I’ll be doing the devotionals in…
1. Hope & a Future
2. Grace
3. Forever
4. Plan & Trust
5. Boldness
6. Chosen

I see this as a chance to really think about my life this past year (Hope & a Future) and think about what this next year may hold, then to focus in on gratitude because that really gets me in the right starting place (Grace). I’ll then move onto evaluation of my priorities looking at the temporary versus the eternal (Forever). At about the halfway point I’ll look more closely at a plan and how to trust him with 2019, then approach Him in boldness with what I am most hesitant about (Boldness), and finally write a letter about who I am to Him and who He is to me (Chosen). I think this organization of the devotionals will really work for me, but I am always very flexible and work really hard to listen to the Spirit’s leading as I pour over the key Scriptures, devotional content, and the prompts in each devotional.

If the content alone has you convinced… be sure to order this weekend to get FREE Shipping all weekend long! Plus just look at those acrylic stamps that will get used over and over. The title words, hexagons, art marks, and oh how I love that little paint splotch. These stamps, like the kit as a whole, are totally versatile!

As I mentioned you have two ways to purchase the kit. One as the basic kit at the $24.99 price point. Then the other option is $31.98 with add-on stencil ruler.  I love this option because the add on stencil ruler by Amy Tangerine really is a versatile and reusable resource you will utilize in the future.

The kit is a wonderful stand alone project for the month of January, but it also can be added alongside days 62-100 of 100 Days of Grace and Gratitude so beautifully. I have found the design to be fresh, fun, and inspiring. Not only is there a cohesiveness but also a whimsy that is hard to achieve. I love the use of the structured font and a more structured shape like a hexagon paired with the more whimsical soft lines of a distorted hexagon and the contrast of the pastel and vibrant colors. Plus washi that directly coordinate with the kits are my favorite! Don’t miss it!


One fabulous added feature is the digital file Dayspring includes when you purchase either kit. This is a bonus that I look forward to every month because you really can stretch your kit between a Bible and a journal or the 100 Days of Grace and Gratitude book and your Bible, it gives you so much versatility to stretch the beautiful visual images throughout the month.


Paper pieces might be one of my most favorite supplies, so this month to have a full sheet of bold words, coordinating tabs, and wordfetti; plus the option to print and reprint them gets me all kinds of excited! I love that paper pieces provide continuity between entries in a specific kit and I also love that I can tie together an entry I do in my Illustrating Bible and in my 100 Days of Bible Promises book. (Sign up here to be notified when the Illustrating Bible is back in stock.)

Shanna Noel included an awesome “Grace & Gratitude” laminate sticker that can be used anywhere and serves as the perfect reminder for you, or a great conversation starter in community with others. I think I’m going to add it to my yeti cup so it will go all over with me. It would be darling on a laptop cover or even the cover of your Bible. It’s super durable and I just adore that it is the title font from the book, 100 Days of Grace and Gratitude.

I adore the postit notes and loved the idea that Vanessa over at Illustrated Faith had to include one on every page this month. She folded the corners around the edge of her page to create a small pocket and boy is it darling. I’ll be trying that for sure! I can also see this being something I take with me to add some flare to my Sunday morning note taking during our church gathering.

Next up are the acetate pieces. My first tip is to pop them all out right away and toss them into the little wax paper envelope with your laminate sticker so you don’t loose them. There should be eight so if you don’t see that many check around your box they sometimes get disconnected and flutter away or static cling results in them being attached to another part of the kit. I can’t wait to attach these with a fastener, layer them with paper pieces to get a 3D effect and also run the highlighter pieces through my sticker maker. So many options! If you feel a bit stumped don’t be afraid to tune into YouTube or check out the #if_graceandgratitude hashtag on social media to see how others are using them.

The add-on ruler stencil is not only the perfect addition to this kit but a wonderful resource to add to your supply stash. It can be used in all kinds of ways and you’ll want to stay tuned to watch how makers in the community put it to good use.

My first stop with the stencil will be to use faber-castell markers to fill in the icons as added elements, kind of like confetti, to fill in white space in my entries.

$31.98 with add-on stencil ruler

I can’t wait to see how you use the kit! Thanks for shopping using my affiliate links as my commission helps support the local meetup group of PNW Bible Journaling so that those who come can try new supplies, dive into Scripture with loads of resources and and build a community.  Connect with us on Facebook here, or follow along with us on Instagram here.

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