31 Verses to Write On Your Heart: a book review

31 Verses to Write On Your Heart by Liz Curtis Higgs  is such a wonderful resource. I have determined to memorize more Scripture this year and this book was a fabulous place to start. It is a wonderful combination of tried and true, familiar verses coupled with many that were less familiar to me. Higgs breaks the verses down phrase by phrase, provides great information about the verse itself from multiple translations, she includes insights from Hebrew and Greek, shares personal connections and insights; and then concludes each short chapter with great tips for memorizing Scripture.

Here are a couple of the Scriptures that I chose to use as Bible journal entries. The main reason I requested to review this book was I was curious to find out if it could be a starting place for some Bible journal entries. When I approach Bible journaling I have several ways that I am inspired for entries. Often my entries are based in sermon notes from our local church, other times when God teaches me something I use it as a way to create a marker of the lesson  I learned, sometimes it’s a single verse that stands out that I choose to journal, and yet even other times it’s an entire passage or story that teaches me something that resounds in my heart.   31 Verses to Write on my Heart was a great tool to journal some tried-and-true verses, and also take me into books of the Bible like Zephaniah that I have yet to journal in.  Higgs’ insights gave me great ideas for my entries and I found the book to be a true inspiration both on a factual and personal level.

I loved the tips Higgs provided in the book to help with memorization. Some were simple ideas I’ve heard before and others were new to me.  One of my very specific goals this year is to spend more time in God’s Word directly and that includes memorizing Scripture. This is going to be a great tool for me as I revisit the Scriptures she covers in her book.

I love that your Bible becomes a constant companion to this text. Higgs covers only one verse per chapter. but the context and information she provides really dead did lead me to want to read further and dive in more.


Plus a bonus with the link to purchase on Amazon the book is hardcover which I think is important as this is definitely one that will see some wear and tear.  As I stated before I loved the memorization tips at the end of each chapter, I also love that she provided alternative translations and encouraged you to record your favorite translation of that particular Scripture.   I highly recommend this book both for Christians who have previously studied God’s Word or for new Christians who are looking for places to start in the Bible or for verses to memorize as a foundation for their Scripture knowledge.


I will definitely be looking for more resources by Higgs.  I did receive a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books but the review is my own honest opinion.

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