Memory Lane ~ Honeymoon… a cruise to the Mexican Riveria!

What a dream our Honeymoon was.
When we left our ceremony by boat we headed into downtown. Only to realize we didn’t have our car keys so we enjoyed a cup of coffee while someone delivered them to us. I wore my Mother’s wedding dress as my getaway dress and many people asked us.

We then headed to the ferry and then to The Double Tree in Seatac, Washington. A great spot!
However when we arrived we discovered our room had two double beds instead of one queen bed. We laughed it off and said, “what’s one more day in separate beds…”

BUT the bellhop was so dismayed he stopped Ben in the lobby when he went to print boarding passes, headed back to our room to load our stuff back up and took us to….. wait for it….

THE PENTHOUSE! A room that cost more for 1 night then our ENTIRE wedding budget. And we got the upgrade free!
We were so excited we really maximized our time there. πŸ˜‰ and got little sleep before our flight in the morning.

Then we caught our flight the next morning… bright and early!

Our cruise boat had some MAJOR delays so we got a nice toasting in the sunshine while we waited.
Then it was all aboard. Lots of fun, food, and exploration.

 Our first formal dinner. We love food!

On this stop in – we hit up the local markets and found our memento for the trip. Some beautiful pottery including a butter dish! That is what I really wanted. πŸ™‚ Ben did some major heckling to get a good deal too. Saw a new side of him.

 On this stop we just walked way into town, had lunch and headed back to the boat.
 Lunch at a great Mexican Restaurant. And we had some delicious drinks.

 Such a handsome man. Those blue eyes just melt me.
 We played BINGO one night… watched shows… heard comedians and made the most of all the cruise had to offer!
 We loved getting ready for dinner each night and then picking from an amazing dinner. Here I am wearing my wedding pearls, Jamin’s gift to me. BEAUTIFUL!
 As we were just getting into our fascination with food, baking and all things edible we had to hit up the Grand Buffet and check out all the ice and food sculptures.
 Too cool!
 The only additional excursion we did was horseback riding! So much fun and followed by a great meal hosted by the family who owned the ranch. Delicious and so entertaining.

During one stop in port we stayed on board which was really fun since we pretty much had the boat to ourselves! This is a picture from one of the more busy times but on the day we stayed on board while everyone else did excursions we had the decks all to ourselves!

 Our final formal night and our fantastic servers!
 Headed home and to a summer together! Plus the lifetime that is ahead of us. So much fun!
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