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We are ready for s’more fun! Adding another log to the fire in August 2017.

And in honor of getting to share yet another precious one joining our family I’ll share our other pregnancy announcements.

With Cashel I told Ben using a fortune cookie that mirrored one we had opened on our first date (“the evening promises romantic interests”). We were at our favorite restaurant and his fortune read “the new year promises parent-like interests.” We shared our “good fortune” with the world using this video slideshow!


Then to share our second pregnancy with Camper we used this precious image of Cashel.

And with Corban’s pregnancy we were totally stumped on how to share our exciting news, but on our 7th wedding anniversary we headed to Pike Place Market in Seattle and had a life long dream of mine fulfilled. Our anniversary gift to each other was to have a caricature drawn by an artist at the market. Not planned at all, but he drew our announcement for us. (We revealed to him during his drawing time that it was our anniversary and that I was expecting our third child.) His illustration included an expectant me, holding up three fingers (for the third babe), and Ben holding a balloon with a 7 in it for our 7th anniversary. We shared right away!

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