Corny Cupcakes

Well, since the sun has been lacking and therefore my inspiration has been lacking… it has been a LONG while. Over a month and I am ashamed of myself.

But here goes….

How about a little inspiration before I head out for camp for 2 weeks. Expect some blogging again in August!
These were cupcakes I saw on the front of Women’s Day Magazine. I copied the idea, but I will be honest I just used a box cake and whipped frosting – I was running out of time. I plan to try the recipe soon! I made my first “from scratch” cupcakes about a month ago (Key-Lime Margarita cupcakes) and they were DELICIOUS!

Here goes… “Corny Cupcakes” and that lead me to “Sunflower Cupcakes”

So cute and really fun to eat. I used banana jelly bellies – they didn’t have any white ones. I don’t like banana myself so if I could I’d choose something else. The sunflowers were last minute additions just using oreos at the center because the little girl’s who were having me over for a Fourth of July BBQ grow corn and sunflowers in their garden. 🙂

As you can see they were a big hit. This little darling couldn’t quite figure out why I had put corn on my cupcakes but later did some investigative work and speculated that it wasn’t actually corn that it might be jelly beans. 🙂

Happy Baking!
Stay tuned for a few more Recipe Inspiration Posts through the end of July.
Inspiration Forecast
1. Cherie’s Red Curry
2. Angela’s English Muffins
3. Chocolate Stout Cake
4. Key  Lime “Margarita” Cupcakes

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