Mental Health Monday // starting somewhere

So I am no expert and I will never pretend to be.

However, I was raised with my mental health as part of the conversation. Like This is an area of interest and passion of mine so I thought why not start exploring some of the lessons I was explicitly taught, the ones I have learned through experience, and also dive into some areas where I have questions.

I recently got to share at a women’s conference about having a “sound mind” and some of the practical things we can do to attend to our brains. One of the most important things we talked about was how interconnected our mind, body and spirit are.

So this week I am making a few changes, taking a few steps, to put my money where my mouth is.

First, I scheduled three different doctors appointments over the next few weeks to take care of myself.
Secondly, I am working to make good healthy choices and give myself credit for them. I am stealing an idea from a friend and have two jars where I can put slips of paper with the “task” written on them. One is for good choices and one is for unhealthy ones. The goal is to have the good outweigh the bad and I’m hoping the visual aid will help me.
Finally, I am saying no. I am not over scheduling and with each yes or no I am asking if this fuels me, my family, and my dreams.

Caring for my body is a gift I give myself, my husband, my children and my community. It is also a form of worship and a way to say “thank you” for the gift I have been given.

Here are a list of things I’d consider healthy choices:
drinking water
setting up that bank account I’ve been meaning to set up for months
eating a decent meal (goal three square meals at appropriate times)
small healthy snacks between meals
taking a walk
choosing silence when I can: shower, car ride, on a walk
going to bed early
doing my daily Bible Journaling challenge
reading a book
selecting a less sugary coffee drink
writing a meal plan
having a special date with a kiddo, one-on-one or two-on-one
doing a chore
cleaning out or organizing a drawer or closet
writing a blog post
scheduling and executing date night
brush my teeth morning and night
wear my glasses
fulfilling a commitment

Here are some not so good choices:
late night snacking
staying up late
watching tv (endlessly or excessively) when I have better things to do
scrolling social media
starting or ending my day on my phone
not eating breakfast
fast food
(I am sure I’ll have more as the week goes on…)

What do you do to attend to your mind. What are some of your favorite healthy choices? How about the nasty choices?
Stay tuned for updates, more ideas and thoughts.

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  1. EXCELLENT Alex!! This is a great reminder and really does challenge me! It’s straight forward, clear and I can choose a couple of things to work on today! …(I’m going to get a glass of water right now!) 😂

  2. Excellent Alex! This is SO good, straightforward, clear and very challenging for me! I am going to hone into a couple things and give attention to them myself! Thanks !…(I’m heading to get a glass of water right now!) 😂

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