Meal Plan

So I haven’t been couponing as much, we have been eating out more… and I can feel it in our budget.
So thanks to FREE DELIVERY from I stocked the kitchen with the fill in ingredients we needed for a great two week meal plan.

I write the options on our pantry door and send a 2-3 options to my hubby around 4 when I know what sounds good to me. He gets the final pick and I get dinner on the table in time for him when he gets home.

This time there are LOTS of options thanks to a new freezer in our garage that has all the meat I could need. All I need are the extras. Lots of rice options since we love it so much and tried to pick some new recipes along with some old and reliable favorites.

Here is my list:
Skillet Lasagna (old favorite) (Pampered Chef recipe!)
Garlic chicken wings, sticky rice, and green sauce (old favorite)
Enchiladas (a go-to meal for us)
Loaded Baked Potato Chowder (old favorite)
Chicken salad (new easy fav)
Zoupa Toscana (JUST LIKE Olive Garden!)
Coconut Curry (Pampered Chef recipe!)
Crispy Parmesan Shrimp over spaghetti noodles (new Pampered Chef recipe!)
Rigatoni Tuna with Sundried tomatoes (new Pampered Chef recipe!)
Clam Sauce over pasta (new Pampered Chef recipe!)
Cherie’s red curry (old favorite)
Tacos (go-to)
Soupa Miguel (Mexican bean soup) (go-to)
Grilled tilapia with pineapple salsa (new Pampered Chef recipe!)
Roast chicken and root vegetables (go-to)

Contact me for any of these recipes!
Yay for a plan that helps us save money.

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