My Little Bible: Children’s Bible Review

I have been on the hunt for a Bible for toddlers just like this one! 

My Little Bible” retold by Mary Hollingsworth and illustrated by Diane Le Feyer is Biblically sound, easy to read (for kids) or if you are using it as a read aloud it is easily understandable for toddlers! It releases May 3, 2016 if you have toddlers this is a must grab it! It would also make a great gift book.

The simple illustrations really enhance the stories, and I absolutely love her use of a question at the end of each story.

My eldest son Cashel, who is three years old, was motivated to know at the end of each story he would be asked a question. They were easy to answer so he felt successful as well!

Additionally this Bible includes both Old and New Testament stories and concepts that are titled well; is 86 pages long (not just a couple of key stories in a board book form); is a perfect small size for children to want to carry around or easy to take with you places; I love that the cover is plasticized so it is easy to keep clean; and the cover and inside pages are beautifully formatted, they chose a very simple font, and even the text pages are very colorful. I honestly don’t have a single critical word to say.

It has 42 key Bible stories and as the cover text claims its compact size is “perfect for small hands” and the stories are the perfect length for “toddlers’ and preschoolers’ attention span.” I’ve been searching and I’ve yet to find another one I like this much. We will definitely be incorporating it into our nightly bedtime routine.

Book Description

The bestselling My Little® series, with more than 2 million copies sold, is a compact collection of books that will have a big impact on the hearts of your children. My Little Bible will help you introduce your children to key Bible stories.

My Little Bible is a collection of Bible stories, including children’s favorites such as the story of baby Moses, Noah, Daniel and the lions’ den, Jesus’ birth, Jesus’ call to love and help others, and many more. New illustrations in the same perfect format for the small hands of your toddlers and preschoolers make My Little Bible a wonderful gift for a variety of occasions, and it is just the right size to tuck into a birthday gift bag or Easter basket.

Children will learn that this little book teaches big truths from the Bible.

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