An Unconventional “Vacation”

So we did something, just the two of us. We took a vacation… at home. This weekend we dropped off my three boys to grandparent-extraordinaires Nona & Dandad. We headed to dinner and boy did we eat. We ordered exactly what we wanted, which meant a slew of appetizers instead of a main dish and sat and drank delicious wine. Oh and did I mention the glorious “complimentary Port” they served – OH MY!! We sat, taking our dear sweet time, visiting and just enjoying each other. I am so grateful, daily, for my husband. He is truly my best friend and I pick him EVERY TIME!

Then we headed to my cousins for some adult conversation. This also was very intentional. We love our cousins, and both want to spend more time with them – and sans kids means we actually get to visit… 

What’s next…? Home to our beautiful house BY OURSELVES! We have yet to spend a night in our own home without our children. This was my first night away from the baby and boy was it glorious. Then today, we woke up in our own bed and took a leisurely morning. Coffee, reading, sitting in the sun. Glorious.

I highly suggest this! I have a couple more hours before I need to be anywhere. And we have had time, quiet time to myself and together. Next up – laying in my new birthday hammock, a shower with time to get ready ALL BY MYSELF! Time to pray, think, induldge. It truly was a vacation for my soul. (Yes it was less then 24 hours, and we didn’t spend more then $40 for the whole thing!!)

What I did to make this extra special…
1. I dressed cute and did my hair.
2. I indulged in exactly what I wanted at the restaurant – thank God for 2 year old gift cards. We got to eat at a favorite (very nice) spot – no children in sight!
3. I cleaned the house and made the bed (no I do not make it daily) so that when we arrived home last night I could truly enjoy. (this was key!)
4. I ignored any “to do” types of things this morning and am just doing what I want.

My parents got some special things to do with our kids (they see them anywhere from 3 to 5 times a week – yes I know how blessed we are! – so it’s easy for them to get tired out or not feel like extra special grandparents) but doing fun activities with the kids keeps them occupied, and makes the “slumber party” extra special for my boys. They are truly rockstars! I am so grateful that Mr. Corban is sleeping through the night so I don’t have to feel that extra bit of “guilt” over them having to get up multiple times a night.

I’m telling you… take a vacation at home.
Enjoy each other, and the home you are lovingly creating – added bonus… you don’t break the bank!
SIDENOTE – we originally had a hotel booked and last minute decided to cancel it to save the money – oh let me tell you, I’m tickled pink we did!!

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