No-Sew Crayon Wrap

My parents, husband, son and I headed to a favorite restaurant for a birthday dinner for my Dad this past Friday night. Such a special time and I was thoroughly impressed with Cashel’s behavior. I think it is really important to set kids up to be successful in environments like that. Thankfully my Dad had Cashel in mind when he chose our favorite, albeit noisy, local Pho restaurant. Overall he did very well. It did occur to me though that I need to start taking things in our bag that he can do in times like that when we need him to sit still. Luckily I had his little yellow VW matchbox car, a toy cell phone, and lots of curry! He loves curry. He really will sit there and eat the whole time, but there is that time before the food arrives in which little ones are hungry. Need a time occupier so I hit Pinterest!
I was thrilled to find a No-Sew Crayon Wrap that included a slot for a pad of paper. Thanks to Small + Friendly: Adventures in Modern Homemaking I was able to use their awesome DIY post about creating this. They even include the pattern you definitely want to use. Visit her post to find the pattern!
I had leftover felt, perfect ribbon, crayons and paper all in my house (oh and I still have my Mom’s fabric scissors I borrowed last week so I could do it with those instead of the exacto knife I don’t have – guess it’s time to put a pair of these on my “wish list”). 
Here is the front…
And what it looks like inside.
I literally made 2 in the span of less then 15 minutes and I didn’t have all my supplies gathered ahead of time. It really was just that simple. There is a lot of flexibility with ribbon but of course I would highly suggest felt (not fabric) as it has a firmness you really need.
I might also make a few others trying her optional step of “thickening the felt” just for longevity’s sake. 
I didn’t have an exacto knife so I just used scissors – being careful to fold the pattern and felt perpendicular in half over the red cut lines. That way I could just cut with scissors. Here is a picture to help with that step.
Be sure to visit Small + Friendly and check out her other awesome posts. She has one for a No-Sew colored pencil wrap that I may need to check out too!

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