Our girls this Christmas!

Ipa-Mae, Marely-Moe, and Dosey-Doe are truly “our girls” and have become such a part of our lives. Just had to share a few favorite holiday photos!

These photos of Dosey were taken by our friend Douglas, from Ireland, when he was visiting. He really imortalized her personality in these shots. 🙂

Tonie really captured Moe-Moe in this one. Such a sweet girl.

Here’s our Ipa girl always alert and trying to figure out what’s going on. And this is fairly typical Dosey – looking for someplace away from the big girls.

Here are some more mischievious ones!

They will follow her wherever she may go. She’s like a living toy!

And to be honest, Ipa might think of Dosey as a bit of a snack. Kind of appropriate since Ipa is after IPA a pale ale, as is Dosey who is named for the Hood Canal Brewery’s special ale – Dosewalips!

We just love them! They bring so much joy and laughter into our lives!

Thanks to Tonie Duchemin from Perspectus Imagery Photography for capturing our girls so well, and Douglas Harper friend and photographer extraordinaire!

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