Out of the Embers : five star fiction review

I was excited to tell you all about Out of the Embers by Amanda Cabot from the very first page. It’s a true page turner and I found the story absolutely enthralling. In these unusual and bizarre times, escaping into a fiction story was just what I needed. I love Evelyn’s independent spirit, her determination and drive are inspiring. And while her situation seemed dire she was able to rise above, use what she had, and the gifts she was given to ultimately thrive. It’s a message I think all of us could relate to and learn from.

I love the way that Cabot wove together multiple storylines. Almost out of nowhere you would be reading snippets of another story, and as the book progresses it all comes together in a really beautifully woven tale. It also leaves me completely wanting more, so I am thrilled that this is the beginning of a new series by Cabot.

I found both Evelyn and Polly completely endearing characters. After reading an excerpt from the author I was so glad to hear about the way she developed Wyatt as a character. He has a longing to travel, a meandering soul, and originally Cabot thought the storyline would take him there… I won’t spoil the surprises, but even Cabot was delighted by how his character evolved and deepened as she wrote.

And I’ll be honest, some of my last grocery purchases were oatmeal and pecans. I was so sad to see that there was not the secret family recipe for Oatmeal Pecan Pie included in the book, but now I’m just scouring Google and trying to compile my own version. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes over on my Instagram. (@inspirationclothesline)

This is the first recipe for oatmeal pecan pie I tried.

Thank you to Revell Reads for providing me with my copy of the book. All the opinions shared here are my own.

Out of the Embers

Mesquite Springs #1 by Amanda Cabot

When a fire destroys the orphanage where she worked, Evelyn Radcliffe flees to the Texas Hill Country with an orphan in tow and a killer in pursuit. Will a rugged horse rancher hold the key to her future—and her past?

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