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Traditions are fun and special, but this year we my husband decided to stray from a birthday tradition. Usually we host a large and involved “cookoff” “Chopped” themed birthday for him. It is so much fun and is exhausting. (*smile*) He decided he wanted low key this year and I wasn’t ready to argue. 🙂
Just a few friends, food, and football.
The actual logistics were a surprise. His birthday is on Halloween and I planned this wee shindig on Monday night football – a bit early – so I don’t think he suspected. He also knew we were doing family dinner the next night so I think he was focused on that.
He got off from work a bit early and headed to my parents house (he had invited himself over a few nights prior and I couldn’t have been more relieved that I didn’t have to create a plan to get him there. 🙂
(Side note: these are great ideas for just a jazzed up game day party or Superbowl party!)



He walked into a yummy Mexican themed spread of food and delicious cupcakes and brownies.
Spotted the friends and the kickoff!
At halftime we sat around “the field” and he opened up his gift – an official jersey!



Again I used my favorite strategy to decide things about the party.
Three words that encompassed my goals for this particular party: budget, friends, low key.


I borrowed all the fun dishes (I love using Facebook to ask for things to borrow or use for parties like this), pulled out leftover decorations from the Lucky in Love bridal shower I threw for my sister (green lanterns, plates, paper straws etc). Created the navy and white puffs from tissue I had. Used brown packing paper, white paint, scrapbook paper and ribbon I already had.
Total spent on decor for the party $0!!
Truly I believe that a fun decor items and good food can make a party!
My Mom helped created an awesome meal and I made dessert from some ideas I found on Pinterest – brownie footballs and my Aunt Toni’s famous sugar cookies in “12th man” and helmet shapes.  Again I already had all my ingredients and we used a lot of what we had already for dinner too.
Here are my boys – my pride and joy!
A friend gave Cashel the matching jersey and I think it was the cherry on top the sundae for Ben.
He is so into his little boy and dressing him – it is absolutely precious.
Plus the fact that they were identical jerseys was a complete coincidence – thanks to the Avery’s for the hand-me-down!
Party Must-haves
1. Good food
2. theme (I like to use 3 words to guide my decision making)
3. One party must have for me is the 3-tiered tower the desserts were on.
I use this at every party for all kinds of foods, desserts, favors etc.
3. fun and easy decor
4. and sometimes I find it an added element to ask people to “dress to the theme” which we did for this one. Especially to draw attention to the fact that Ben was the only one NOT in a jersey.
(He suspected that it would be his gift 🙂 )
So much fun and a wonderful investment into our memory mutual fund.
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