Prepping for Number Two

This is definitely a useful post for you if you are expecting a child, but I will preface it with that this post is primarily for ME! For my own records and for “next time.” So be prepared for “practical and personal.” πŸ™‚

Finding myself in “nesting mode.” It hit and then I got the flu!

However after about 3.5 weeks I am finally feeling closer to myself and the press is on. 28 days until my due date – and I was 8 days early with my first so I am prepping like it could be earlier. But know it could be later. πŸ™‚

That is one thing about babies, you don’t know when they will arrive. That throws me off.

So… I try to be as ready as I can be. That being said my hospital bag was not even packed with Cashel and while I was going through “Transition” (the hardest part of labor) I found myself barking out requests to my hubby like “get me some pants, yoga pants, I think they are in the dryer…!!”

This time I’m hoping to be at least a bit more ready in that department. The bag is almost packed – for me – and this week my goal is to have one packed for Cashel and coerce my hubby to put some things in a bag for him and include a list of things to grab last minute that we may need to use between now and then.

That “last minute list” includes:
A pillow and blanket for my hubby
A pillow for me
Phone charger

Gray “ugg” boots

In my hospital bag I have:
Special T-shirts that the whole family is wearing. (Tribute to his middle name thanks to my in-laws!)
2 Nursing Tanks
Headband and hair ties
Comfortable underware
Yoga Pants (2)
Night gown (1)
Nursing Scarf
Battery operated pump and nursing pads
Nipple shield and shells

Wee mittens
White onsie with built in mittens
Special hat and booties (like Cashel’s)
A coming home outfit – simple.
A couple of binkis
Car Seat is installed

His big brother shirt
A matching outfit (color wise) to wear the day he comes to meet his “Bro Bro”
Extra binki and disposable diapers

As far as the house is concerned I have a deep desire for things to be clean (shout out to my cousin, sister, and friend who are helping me in another week or so to do the deep clean stuff I just can’t do but LONG to have done).

I also have a “Honey Do” list for my man, a “This Week” list for me and a “This Month” list for me.

Which, since this picture was taken, has been updated with new items.

I sat down last night and planned our February calendar on our Google calendar and our whiteboard that is part of our command center. I tried to include fun activities that I can do with Cashel to fill time and keep us busy. (I am officially not working any more!)

– All the baby clothes are washed and organized.
– Ben prepped the camera (card and battery are ready) and also wrote a song for our birth video.
– Reserved a birth videographer and talked to my Dad about taking photos with our nice camera.
– Nursery is cleaned and organized and I added a few fun touches for this baby that are different then when Cashel lived there – stay tuned for a wee photo tour.
– Crib is raised, bedding is fresh with a few accessories like a sleep sack ready.
– Put away gifts from the shower and wrote thank you notes.
– Updated the “Belly Book” to the current week and filled out the first pages of the “Baby Book” making sure I took note of things I want to save, photos I want to take etc so his book will be as complete as big brothers!
– Got my iPad all set up in the nursery – this is where I do all my middle of the night feedings so I like to use my iPad there. πŸ™‚ It’s so close to our room that I found this more convenient.
– Got all the changing pads, burp rags, swaddling blankets ready.
– Prepped newborn cloth that I have.
– Paid bills through the 15th already and will do the second half of February ON the 15th so it’s all done.

– Did much needed maintenance in our upstairs bathroom including adding a fourth towel hook!!
– Stork Express visit at the hospital to complete paperwork ahead and show Cashel where “bro-bro” will be born.
– Assessed and reorganized our baby bag to incorporate what we will need for a new one. Using a new backpack for a while since newborns need SO much stuff. Got a cute new army inspired one!

I still need(want) to:
– Get a gift for Cashel from the New Baby. I have it picked out just need to order it.
– Clean our room – get it organized so we can add baby for a couple months.
– Set up video monitor (need to order a second camera for the nursery).
– Set up the bassinet (Travel Lite Pack and Play) in our room.
– Wash my nursing tanks.
– Make a handful of favorite meals for the freezer.
– Pick up, take a lesson, and prep newborn cloth diapers.
– Buy some disposable newborn sized diapers.
– Get the house fully cleaned and carpets cleaned. (This is a long list, but I have help!)
– Want to look at newborn photo ideas and birth announcement options.
– Move Cashel’s play kitchen out of the living room and set up the baby’s changing table/pack and play.
– Bring swing down.
– Set up papazan chair upstairs and bouncer downstairs.
– Send the track (when it’s done being written by Benjamin to our birth videographer.


I’m tired just thinking about it all but hopeful I’ll feel more ready as I check things off this list and attend all the fun things planned between now and New Baby’s arrival sometime in the next month or so!
Stay tuned for a few comparison photos from Cashel’s pregnancy and New Baby’s. πŸ™‚

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