Comparing Apples to Toys: A pregnancy comparison

So I took weekly fruits and veggies photos while pregnant with Cashel and it was SO much fun.  See the whole “story” here.

With this pregnancy I decided to do some weeks as a comparison photo (using Cashel’s toys or whatever might be handy that was about the right size) and rotate with photos of what was going on with our life that week.
I will share a complete post of all the weekly update photos from this pregnancy soon, but thought it would be fun to share at least a couple comparison photos now.
Everyone asks how similar the two pregnancies have been – especially since they are both boys.  Most of the time I have replied with, “so different that if I hadn’t known the gender of this one I would have thought it was for sure a girl.” However, several times my darling hubby Benjamin has reminded me of things that happened with the first that I have completely forgotten ever took place.
The biggest difference us that New Baby us SO mobile.  I thought Cashel was a crazy mover but I had NO idea. New Baby is ten times the mover and shaker. Another big difference is the time of year. It’s winter this time (totally different maternity clothing needs) and last time I was boiling hot in the hottest summer I could recall in my lifetime.  Plus this time I have Cashel to chase – keeping me busy (time is flying) and completely worn out at the end if each day! The last and biggest difference is that this time I don’t have the same swelling I had last time – a precursor to the postpartum preeclampsia I had after Cashel was born.  That has made a HUGE difference.
On to the fun part! A few comparison photos….
30 week family photo
30 week family photo

Another fun fact… These are the only two “craving” photos I took with either pregnancy.

2012: Sliced, chilled naval oranges

2014: Sour Skittles: eaten in pairs of different colors.
Other strange cravings not pictured…
2012: Maple Bars
2014: Old Fashioned
And a final fun fact. When not pregnant I am actually much more drawn to salty and savory foods and before being pregnant really didn’t like doughnuts much at all. 🙂
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