I don't take it for granted….

1. Cracker crumbs crunched throughout every nook and cranny in my car. (Or in my life for that matter) šŸ˜‰

2. The bath toys strewn about our tub; that sprinkle cold water on me as I put them away before taking my shower.

3. The baby boy and toddler socks in my laundry.
4. A little lot less storage space in my home as I make room for more children’s books, outdoor play toys, night time disposable diapes, or quarts of soy milk.
5. Little hands and feet that constantly insist on joining me in what I’m doing.
6. The satisfying exhaustion at the end of a day filled with caring for my two darling boys and tending a home for my beautiful family.
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  1. I'm glad you do not take any of these wonderful things for granted! They can turn into annoyances if we are not purposeful in remembering how blessed we are!

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