Psalms and Proverbs Illustrating Bible Overview

The new Psalms and Proverbs Illustrating Bible from Dayspring is here! You can shop affiliate links throughout this post, but if you’re already convinced Just by looking at it, you can grab yours here.

For those of you who want some more information… Here goes!

This Psalms & Proverbs edition of the Illustrating Bible is the New International Version (NIV) And uses 12-point font so it’s much easier to read!

The pages are both thicker and whiter than traditional Bible pages so it is perfect for journaling and creating art in the pages of your Bible. Not to forget the giant margin space that leaves room for all that you can imagine.

The coil is the same size as the book of Luke Illustrating Bible but much smaller than that of the Illustrating Bible. It is also yellow gold to match the beautifully embossed font on the front cover.

Some may wonder how it compares in size or thickness to other Illustrating Bibles. Here’s an image that shows you how the pages themselves compare to that of the book of Luke Illustrating Bible, this is about three times the thickness, but much thinner than the complete Illustrating Bible.

The interior of the cover is a gray suede material that contrasts the coral perfectly. The coral cover itself is a beautiful shade that includes a bit of shine!

With your purchase you also receive a complimentary free digital download. There are two available, one that covers the book of Psalms and the other that covers the book of Proverbs. You get to select which one you like. Each includes a reading calendar, cards with hand lettering on them, four pages of more in-depth study, and a page of ephemera.

If you find yourself in love with both the good news is you can purchase the second one on the Dayspring website here.



Leave your questions or comments below or I would love to hear about how you’re planning to use the Psalms and Proverbs Illustrating Bible yourself.

Stay tuned to see how I put it to use as well. You can follow along over on Instagram!

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