Seasonal Snack – Ghostly Banana Muffins

I love the seasons and anything festive! So when I signed up to do snack for Cashel’s preschool my wheels  started spinning. I remember last year when we did our very first “snacktime” at AWANA where it was our turn to bring snacks. I had the thought “this is the first time, of many, that I will get to prepare snacks for my kids and their friends.” This particular “first” feels extra special since it is the first time he gets to take snack to school.  (Of course the teacher in me just can’t get enough of it… )


I knew I wanted to keep it healthy, simple, and festive. I also knew that I wanted Cashel to be able to “make the snack” so this turned out to be perfectly up our alley.  Ashley loves to bake and of course the cookie cutters were easy to use for him. The only one that mom really had to do was the carrot chips. I hope you are inspired  by the simplicity and ease . The Banana Bread recipe is my tried and true favorite from The Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.


Pumpkin shaped carrot chips, cheese cut outs, and Ghostly Banana Muffins! Not to mention these awesome wax paper snack bags. 🙂

All I did was use a small cookie cutters to cut out two kinds of cheese in the shape of leaves, an acorn, and a pumpkin. (Using Colby Jack and Cheddar added color and variety.)  I cut two triangular pieces out of the top of the carrot and then cut it into disks so they look like pumpkins. Then wrapped cooled banana muffins with wax paper and tied with twine. The face was just drawn on with a sharpie. The great thing about this snack is that the kids do not have to untie the twine they can just rip into of the  top of the ghost to access of the muffin. This is super helpful for the teacher so they don’t have to open all their snacks. I tried to keep that in mind and stayed away from individually packaged things to open up.

School snack tips:

1.  Avoid allergens like peanuts.  Some schools won’t allow them at all. So know your school’s policy.

2.  Don’t forget to ask the school how many you need to provide.

3.  Get your kiddo involved because if they are proud of the snack their classmates are more likely to eat it. 🙂

4.  Stay away from individually packaged items that would require the teachers to spend a lot of time opening them up or serving them.


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