31 Days of Cast Iron (enamel cast iron!) Cooking: day 7 {Chicken NoodleSoup}


Okay so today I’m jumping over to an enamel cast iron. I received this beautiful Martha Stewart 8 quart  casserole dish from a friend of mine in a community group called Buy Nothing North Kitsap. And yes you guessed it – it was brand new and gifted to me from this beautiful “gifting economy” I am a part of. (Look up a local one near you at buynothingproject.org)!

My first adventure was simple, but for me I’ve found a basic chicken noodle soup one of the hardest to make. I just can get the kind of flavor I want from it. This one was a bit better but still felt it was too bland. I’m hopeful to keep trying and keep getting better.

I used some pre-baked and pre-seasoned chicken sections I had made earlier in the week in the oven. I boiled them in water with a few baby carrots, a couple whole cloves of garlic, some Italian seasoning and a few bay leaves. Then later added diced celery, diced carrots, a diced onion, and a few chicken bullion cubes. I pulled the chicken off the bone and discarded the skin and bones.

Then later added some egg noodles and eventually also had to add some more free range chicken broth I picked up at Trader Joe’s. Lots of simmering, lots of tasting, salt and pepper too. I served with the Rapid Rolls I featured earlier in the series and it was a hit with Cashel my two year old who LOVES soup. I still felt the flavor was lacking.

Any tips on developing flavor on a clear broth soup like this is welcome!!!

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