Strut Your Stuff: Bachelorette Party

I am proud to say this theme came from MY OWN MIND!  Now… not to say you wouldn’t find this existing theme out there,  I’m sure you will.  But for me…. I didn’t use an outside source to inspire me or the party details!
Strut your stuff was inspired by colors I knew the bride loved and the party planning another bridesmaid did – she chose wine tasting at THE ZOO!  What a perfect bachelorette party idea.
I ran with it.  It was all a surprise for the bride and for the wine tasting we were supposed to bring your own wine glasses. So I set off to a secondhand shop and found this perfect blue wineglass. I added a few finishing touches to make it fit our theme!
And of course the bride needs a veil. For my bachelorette party in 2008 and later for my sisters bachelorette party we used a red veil – just colored tulle attached to a black headband. That is what inspired this peacock themed bridal veil.
I picked up the tulle at a local craft store and already had a headband that had a peacock feather on it. Couldn’t be more perfect!

Again another stolen activity idea. My sister’s new cousin in law did this at her bachelorette party and I loved it. These are small task cards that the bride must accomplish during your time together.
Of course I couldn’t find Peacock printed napkins that time of year, that didn’t cost an arm and a leg, so I used peacock feathers I had purchased online and tied one to each napkin for the guests.

And here is my love of twine coming in again.

I used two local (and trusted) vendors to do our desserts. My friend Jordan Wall at Deliciously Made For You made the peacock colored cupcakes and Sugar Studios of Bremerton made the large cookie centerpiece. 
The bridal party decided we would each cook a dish for dinner and do it at my sister’s house so cost could be kept lower. This is a creative answer to that age-old problem of all the wedding events costing so much money.

I just printed this “strut your stuff” framed art on my computer and added some little gems and a peacock feather. It was the perfect way to display the overall theme in a prominent place in the room.
 I’ve often seen people use buntings or hanging banners to display the overall theme as well. I think it is important for you to cast the vision for your themr using something like this…

The centerpieces were just white flowers and greenery leaves from my yard. I added some more peacock feathers to bring in the theme. Limes were used in the vase for added color. Of course they could be reused later  – and I love decorations that are reusable or edible.

 We used a banana holder to display the cookie centerpiece. It could not of been more perfect. And it was just one of those things that happens, falls in to place. Sometimes you can’t plan everything in advance and you have to work with what you have at your location.

I added the edible Peacock feathers to the top of the cupcakes at the last minute. They were the perfect. I had read on the reviews online that if you put them out too soon they could wilt.  So I was very careful to wait to the last minute.
I love that Jordan made the large cupcakes with plain white frosting so that the peacock feathers would be featured, and then the smaller cupcakes were made with Peacock colored frosting.

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To believe my mom got these two pieces at IKEA years ago. They have come in handy for a lot of things like bridal showers. You can add little accents and they are quite neutral due to the metal color.   Again I think decorative pieces like this that you can reuse again and again are crucial for having your parties decorated in a way that is inexpensive.

I have the bride’s veil and sash displayed so when she came in she saw them. Of course when we left the house after dinner to go to the zoo winetasting she wore them.

Doing a wine tasting at the zoo was so much fun. A lot of people gave the bride additional tasting tickets too, which was an added bonus. We asked the bridesmaids to wear all black and then gave the bride some guidance on what colors to wear. This made for some adorable photos.
Besides, I think this is a nice touch to making the bride stand out.

I had to jump in for a couple of photos too.

 We brought our desserts to the zoo. Which was nice because at this particular wine tasting there was no food available unless you packed it in. Next time we would bring some anti-pasta or crackers and cheese along as well. Then you could sit and snack as well while you did your tastings.

I keep saying this, but location is everything. The fact that we made dinner at someone’s home and then we did something creative with our next stop made for a fantastic and unique (not to mention affordable) night. The Peacock theme went perfectly with the zoo too! The bride and her girls had a ton of fun too! Overall this is one fantastic party.
5 party planning tips….
1. Set a budget and stick to it. 
2. Think outside the box.
3. Pick a playful theme or colors to guide you in planning.
4. Use local vendors to help make the party easier on you – don’t do everything yourself.
5. Pick a great location .  (I think you might see this tip on every party planning list.) 🙂
Hope you are inspired to start planning.
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