Sugar and Spice Shower – Baby shower

Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice…. that is what Olivia Bel is made of.
This shower was so fun to plan especially because Emily said, “the girly the better” and I don’t get to do girly at my house!
Honoring my sister-in-law Emily, her daughter who we affectionately call Ollie Bel, and her husband and son was so very special.
Thanks to my husband who designed the invitations, and all the little printed labels!
And Lindsay Letters’s who’s artwork served as my inspiration.

The welcome table set the tone for the shower and included a bunch of fun favors for the guests.
The diaper raffle – winner got to take home an awesome prize from Starbucks!

Guests addressed their own thank you notes so that Emily can get them out quickly and easily. She got to take the whole little tote home with her.

The beautiful piece of art was created by Lindsay Letters and will go in Olivia Bel’s nursery.
It matches her pale peach walls perfectly.

Guests took home a Sugar & Spice Scrub and loose-leaf tea, that we served at the shower, as their favors. They were a hit. The jars had chalkboard lids too so they could be used again.
Stay tuned for a tutorial.

This Instagram “game” was a fun way for guests to share photos and one lucky guest earned a prize too.

The photo booth was a super fun addition and we asked guests to add the pictures to the instagram challenge too so we were all able to see and share them. Here’s the little rhyme we used to inspire them.

“Laughter, smiles, and full of fun.

We’re glad you’re here as memories are spun.
Some lips or a bow you may wear.
Grab a friend, then be sure to share.”

“Instagram it #celebrateolliebel”
My dear friend Heather helped make the fabric buntings we used as a backdrop in the booth. Super easy and will also be great additions to Olivia’s nursery.
Having high tea around this beautiful table made for a very special time.
Each tea cup was different and the baby’s breath, tulips, glitter, and lace made for a wonderful and very girly setting.
Lots of visiting and eating. then we headed to the living room where a friend of our’s did a beautiful devotion to encourage and honor Emily.

We played the traditional clothespin game where guests tried to steal each other’s clothespins when they said “baby” and the guest with the most pins at the end of the shower got to pick from a selection of prizes – pictured above. (The Starbucks gift was presented to the winner of the diaper raffle!)


The food was delicious and included tea sandwhiches of four varieties – egg salad, cucumber-cream, chicken salad, and ham salad. We also had homemade scones with devenshire cream and lemon curd from scratch. Plus delicious deviled eggs made a perfect finger food. Guests also enjoyed two kinds of tea – earl gray and white peony – that they got to take some home with them too. Punch (my go-to recipe will be coming to the blog soon), coffee and water. Plus we had a delicious vegetable platter; along with chocolate fondue and cupcakes for dessert. 
Food makes a party if you ask me!

Dessert was chocolate fondue and cupcakes –  spice cake with cream cheese frosting and vanilla cake with pink whipped butter cream frosting.
Chocolate Fondue – easy recipe coming soon!

 Here is Emily the beautiful Momma-to-be.
Olivia Bel is due to arrive the first week of May and her middle name is very special. It is the first initials of her three uncles names (her Momma’s brothers) Benjamin, Elliot, and Luke. (Did I mention that Benjamin is my husband) 
So very special.
Guests stayed busy while Emily opened gifts by creating headbands for Ollie and writing Emily notes of encouragement that she could read in the days after Olivia arrives.

This canister serves as storage for the headbands that the guests created. Headbands get stored around the outside of the canister and clips and additional hair accessories can be stored inside too.

Guests creating some wonderful treasures for Olivia.

This super fun game we found on Pinterest. Major points go to my friend Heather who was able to find all the candies on the list – her tip was Rite Aid and a small old fashioned candy shop in Seaside, Oregon. The guests read a clue from a tag and then someone had to guess which candy bar matched the clue.
For example :
Breastfeeding – Milky way
Doctor’s bill – 100grand
Twins – Twix,
Mom’s nickname for baby – Bit o’ honey
Dad’s nickname for baby – Whatchamacallit
Delivery doctor – Butterfinger
Mastitis – Milk Duds
Find the complete list here….


Here I am with my little man Camper – who was 5 weeks old the day of the shower with the lovely Momma-to-be and my sister-in-law Emily.

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