Summer 2009

Viking Fest 2009 – Tonie Duchemin Miss Northwest with Heidi Nicks Miss Poulsbo

In the parade in Megan’s little VW convertible, she saved the day!

Miss Poulsbo 2007 and Miss Kitsap 2007 Reunited in the Viking Fest Parade 2009 – driving Miss Northwest 2009 – Tonie Duchemin!

Hiking Green Mountain in June of 2009

What a view! We plan to do it again soon.

Duchemin Family Campout 2009 – with cousin Hunter. He was one of my students this past year!

Wiht Briannin at family campout 2009!

3rd of July at the Jungkeit’s home – the spot we got married. Quite the place to watch the Poulsbo Fireworks.

Jacobson siblings 3 0f 4 on the 3rd of July. Very fitting.

Tonie threw the opening pitch at the Kitsap Bluejackets 4th of July game. Very cool.

We stayed for an incredible firework show!

Then off to Miss Washington Arrival on July 5th…

Supporting Tonie as he begins her Miss Washington experience.

Who will wear the crown next?

We wore Tonie’s Tiger’s t-shirts on Thursday of preliminary competitions.

Thanks Taylor Wall for the t-shirt design.

Tonie doing her dance to – Play that Funky Music.
Check her out!
We are truly her biggest fans!
These are the 2009 Pine Cone Princesses on t-shirt night. I am standing next to my little sister Molly Lemmon, who isn’t so little any more. She was Pine Cone Princess to Silverdale’s Outstanding Teen 2009 – Holly Wasson.
Amelia in the bottom right with dark hair in pig tails is the Pine Cone Princess to Reina Almon – 2009’s Miss Washington’s Outstanding Teen.
Here they are on Friday night performing the greatly aniticipated “Whole New World” produciton nubmer. The ladies were wonderful! Each young lady selected their own “Jasmine” costume and they learned their dance in 2 afternoons! Incredible. Visit to see the production number, compliments of Beth Schubert.
This was a bouquet of flowers that we had delivered to Tonie before her final night of competition. The tags are words of love and encouragement from family and friends.

This year I was the Pine Cone Princess Director. The little girls were so much fun to work with. We had a blast!

I made a very special friend named Clarie! Look at those gorgeous flowers she brought me.
Tonie made the Top 10, won the Miss America Community Service Award, People’s Choice, and the state Denise Vaughn Community Service Award.
A truly remarkable sister!
The incredible thing is that Alex won the People’s Choice award and the Miss America Community Service Award in 2007. Congrats to parents Michael and Wendy Duchemin, you truly raised young ladies that are dedicated to their communities and all they do!
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