One Year Anniversary – Friendship, Love, and Loyalty

Friday Afternoon off we went to Seattle. This year it was Alex’s turn to plan the anniversary and it was ALL a surprise to Ben. Here we are on the ferry headed to…

First he had to open his gift. The first anniversary tradition is to give paper. So Ben got a ticket stub album. He later received a set of tickets to go in it and a album where we can log what we do each year for our anniversary.

We headed to “Paint the Town” in the U district and each painted a piece given to us by The Smith Family as one of our shower gifts in May of 2008. This was a great gift to receive. They purchased the 2 pieces (a platter and pitcher) and also the studio time. We each painted a piece and a week later had a momento for our first year of marriage.

Then we had dinner with good friends Erin and Andrew Bradford and Ben then received the tickets.

Next stop Taproot Theatre in Seattle. We saw Around the World in 80 Days.

What a show it was!

We then headed home. Little did Ben know that the festivities had only just begun. Saturday morning we got up and got dressed. We headed to Sheila’s for breakfast and while we headed to another unknown location, my Mom decorated our car with “Married One Year.” We arrived the Jungkeit Estate – where we got married. Resaid our vows, shared a toast and enjoyed the beauty of the incredible town that we call home. Mike Jungkeit gave us a ride into downtown in his boat – a wedding highlight for Ben.

When we landed in downtown there was a car waiting for us.

Then off to Bloedel reserve, again a surprise. As we passed the Clearwater Resort Ben mentioned that he thought that was where we were headed. I was pleased because I at least had him a little bit fooled.

At Bloedel we walked the incredible grounds. It was a very romantic spot.

While in the woods Ben presented me with a question. “What 3 words describe our relationship?” I of course felt put on the spot so he answered, – friendship, love, and loyalty. Those words are very special to me as they are the words that describe the claddagh symbol. Friendship – the hands, Love- the heart, and Loyalty – the crown.

My promise ring was a claddagh and he found a locket with a claddagh on it. He knew I had missed wearing the symbol and wanted me to have something in its memory.

He is so romantic.

Then off to dinner at Simon’s Cuisine. Delicious!

Ben recieved his final gift here which was the journal I put together. Each year we will record what we did on our anniversary. Next year is cotton. I belive leather is year 3. Could be interesting.
On our way home we fulfilled Ben’s guess – and got to stay overnight at the Clearwater Resort. He was thrilled, I had gotten the day off work for him and we got to lounge all morning!
We had a delicious breakfast in our robes, make the most of the hot tub our huge bath tub, and the gorgeous view!
What a way to celebrate being married to your best friend for one year! We are so lucky.
Friendship, Love, and Loyalty for a lifetime.

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