Thankful on a Thursday 63-80

63. the sun streaming in – it’s finally making an appearance.
64. the paper daffodils my students made for me that are gracing my desk.
65. a bag of snacks, from my girlfriend Heather and her wee one, to help me get through parent-teacher conferences.
66. nicole stopping in after working a long day at school and a short shift at the shoe store with a cup of coffee just how i like it! plus it turned into an impromptu girls night. πŸ˜‰ just my style.
67. the brilliant mom who thought to laminate the portfolios already folded so all I had to do was cut open the tops, not staple and glue all 24 sides. saved me so much time.

68. our new kitten, a surprise birthday gift, her name is goose. (photos coming soon)
69. our beautiful home and the budding garden.
70. that easter is almost here.
71. time with my family last sunday and this sunday.
72. a thoughtful voicemail from aunt joni.
73. only 40 school days left!
74. my job at indigo plum, i really like it!

75. my sweet husband and all the wonderful things he says and does.

75. my mr. coffee machine. it really makes a great cup of espresso and i got it off craigslist. πŸ˜‰

76. a replacement gold card from starbucks – and a free latte with my bag of beans

77. hula hoops – the first grade friends are mastering them for the circus and i love seeing them learn.
78. 16 clowns in  clown club. should make for a great time at the circus.

79. report cards done on monday and conferences done on thursday at 1:30!
80. the new shoes and slacks from my sister that I wore on Tuesday for evening conferences. i felt great!

81. hard boiled eggs, egg salad, and my awesome slicer from pampered chef. funny how it bring so much joy! (i used it for my strawberries this week too!)

82. 2 loaves of bread from the oroweat outlet that my friend Diana picked up for me! can’t wait for more egg salad!

83. the awesome citrus peeler that my friend Rebekah turned me on to by pampered chef. i’m getting one to keep at school too. that way i can help the kiddos with those stubborn oranges! (which when searching for a perfect image led me to a great new blog to follow – One More Mile.)

84. – you must check it out if you haven’t already. an easy online program to edit and alter photos!

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