Illustrated Faith Persevere Kit Review

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This month a new Illustrated Faith Kit was produced by DaySpring Cards and boy is it different. The new Persevere Kit is a big change! I believe change is good, although many of us would say “I’m not good with change.” It’s when things change that we can grow, that we are given an opportunity to explore and that is exactly what this new design, format, and style does for those of us who may have fallen into the pattern provided by these awesome kits in the past. I love that DaySpring and Illustrated Faith’s team listen to us and you can see that they responded to the feedback they received when creating this new kit. The best change – a whole new price point – only $20 that makes this so much more accessible to all of us and also a great gift!

The obvious changes include the packaging. Both the envelope it is delivered in, and the new clear envelope that encloses all the goodies are both new. I was worried I would miss the zipper pouch, but in fact find this new clear envelope even more reusable (I can see holding paper cut outs, acrylic stamp sets, or just bits and pieces of inspirations I collect in this envelope; it is also easier and smaller to transport with me places for journaling on the go.

The kit still includes washi tape, YAHOO!;  a devotional (although in a new form); acrylic stamps that are about half the size, and little extras to put throughout your Bible. All the printed materials are peppered with gold foil that is just to die for. The stamps no longer have a backer, but the little envelope of paper cutouts are so much fun. And if you ask me, even better! First they are precut which I love, they are high quality printing that I just can’t do at home, and the gold foil accents provides just the perfect touch. These are very versatile for those of you who use faith planners or like to make cards, but they really are perfect for creating a continuous look through a devotional’s entries in your Bible, which is one feature of these kits I appreciate most. Hand lettering is not my strength, but I’m always looking to design elements in the kit to inform me, or help me get better and this kit uses printing press typeface is just fabulous. The main acrylic stamp of the title, “PERSEVERE”  and the phrases “Prepare,” “Pray,” and “Plant your feet” on the washi all have this totally cool vintage flair. And the rest of the acrylic stamps are totally versatile (florals, branches, common faith words) and I will continue to use them!

A reflection entry based on Week 1 in the study – I love that this study has made me dig deeper!
The week 1 card had already been added to my Bible as a tip in.

The kit comes with four once a week cards that you see pictured and each has a devotional and Scripture reference included. There are also more Scripture references on the paper bits that you can use to explore more ideas surrounding the topic of “persevere.” This past week I have really poured over the first week’s card, supporting Scripture, and even utilized other devotional books to really process the concepts covered on the week one card.

I love that that Robin Huber, the designer, gave you great leads; but that there is so much freedom for the Spirit to direct each of us to different topics. I could see week 1 going so many different ways for different people.

One launch team member, Kaitlyn Bouchillon, talked about “feeling buried” but realizing she was “planted.” WOW!
I think of how you could have focused in on “prayer closet” or Shanna Noel explored worship music on the Illustrated Faith Instagram stories this week because of how Robin referenced music on the card. (She actually used a typewriter to type lyrics on the backs of some of the cards and I just swooned over the idea and the look!) I am excited, if this format continues, to explore more ways to use the cards in my faith planner or even to create a booklet out of them like Lindsey Lanning did in her recent YouTube video. She just connected the four weekly cards with washi tape so she could add them to her travelers notebook.

I ran with the concept of “rest” and “weariness.” I’m in the last stages of my fourth pregnancy and relying on God hasn’t been more real to me in a while.  (You can see a content process video at the bottom of this post – just me talking through some of the things God was speaking to my heart.) Another devotional I turn to almost daily is called New Morning Mercies and the July 25th entry really resonated and connected to the concepts I was mulling over with the IF Persevere kit. So today I summarized, in a Bible journal entry, a few of the main things I’ve been focused on. I journaled in Psalm 22 (it was the Scripture referenced in the New Morning Mercies, July 25th entry). I started with these Neocolor Watercolor Crayons that I love working with and used a bit of water on a paint brush to blend the color – coupled with the acrylic stamps in the kit.

Look at all those lovely paper bits!

And you know what?! When I opened the little package of paper bits several of the Scriptures that tumbled out were from Psalm 22 and 23. I was so taken aback, God is good and really does point us where we need to go. So I know I’ll have several pages in a row illustrated for this kit right there in Psalms. I used the week 1 devotional card as a bookmark all week, reading and rereading it, and then added it as a tip in with the washi tape right over Psalm 22 and 23 where I plan to do some more creating over the next few days.


There are 4 of these study cards that have writing on the back, and 4 additional ones that are lined that you can journal on or fill yourself.
Four additional journaling cards that could also be used to encourage others, or added to a traveler’s notebook or as tip ins in your Bible. SO versatile!


Back sides designed for you to explore, journal, and process.


These little heart cut outs are so fun and the clear stickers and amazing!

I can’t wait to use some of the clear stickers included, this is a design feature I’m less familiar with since I don’t print any of my own stickers as of yet. However, they are gorgeous and I can’t wait to see how I can introduce them to my pages. I’m diving into week 2 next and I’ll tell you the open ended nature of this study is fabulous.

I do miss the alphabet stickers, but I’m looking forward to getting better at hand lettering so maybe this will encourage me to try some new things. I also miss having an author biography so for those of you who feel the same… Robin Huber is a on staff with Bella Blvd. and you can see more from her here on her Instagram account.

And great news the new price point is amazing – only $20 for the kit!! And bonus if you purchase before midnight on July 31, 2017 you can get it for an even lower price since there is a customer appreciate code (THANKYOU) that will earn you 25% off!

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