Their Daring Hearts: book review and giveaway

Their Daring Hearts by Sharlene MacLaren was such a perfect book for me to read. I have a real interest in the Amish Faith and lifestyle, I have since teenagehood, and the Quaker elements to the story are just as interesting if not more so since I know less about the group. It’s also such a fun spin on historical fiction. I like to have a couple books going on at once but always select a non fiction and a fiction and prefer that within those categories if I have multiple books going on that they are different genres. I almost always have a historical fiction book in my stack. I’ve found it peaks my interest in history as well, this novel was no exception. I found myself googling and looking into the accuracy of the facts and was pleasantly surprised by MacLaren’s attention to detail in this area.

I received this book as a part of Celebrate Lit Blogging in exchange for my honest review.

I appreciated the story’s secrets and the author’s ability to keep some things from even us, the readers, including the traitors’ identity. While I like a good “easy read fiction book” I don’t love a totally predictable story and this was not that.

The characters, although there are quite a few to keep track of, were memorable enough in their own rights and diverse in personalities.

I will add that this is book two in the “Forever Freedom Series” and I would recommend picking up Summer on Sunset Ridge first. While I do read books from a series out of order sometimes I typically like to read them all and in order and that would be my recommendation with his historically rich series.

Like many books I took it lots of places with me. And found quite a bit of reading time in the kitchen! Check out the details about the book and author below. Including other reviewer‘s who read the book and share their ideas. I love being a part of blog tours like this one! And don’t miss the giveaway that includes a copy of both the books in the series. It’s so easy to enter, you just start by commenting on my post and clicking the giveaway link!

Don’t miss the giveaway below!

About the Book

Author: Sharlene MacLaren

Genre: Christian Historical Romance (Civil War)

Release Date: Jan 9, 2018

Levi Albright rebelled against his Quaker roots to fight for abolition in the Union army in the first year of the Civil War. Two years later, 19-year-old destitute orphan Josephine Winters, with her chopped hair, boy’s clothes, and new name, “Snipp,” enlists in the Union army out of desperation.

Just over five feet tall and barely weighing as much as a newborn calf, Snipp seems to Levi to be barely old enough to hold “his” gun. But despite being teased by the regiment, Snipp quickly earns admiration for skill with a musket and unequaled bravery. When Levi explains one night that he is a Quaker leading a regiment, it leads to a late-night discussion of faith and a developing friendship.

But Snipp’s secret can only be hidden for so long. After an injury forces Josie to reveal her real identity, Levi is angered by her deception. Worse, Josie is marched out of the company without a chance to explain—or even say goodbye. Will their friendship survive? Or will the hatred saturating the war-torn nation affect even the heart of a peace-loving Quaker?

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About the Author

Born and raised in western Michigan, Sharlene MacLaren graduated from Spring Arbor University then traveled nationally with a contemporary Christian vocal ensemble. She married Cecil, with whom she’d grown up in Spring Arbor, and the couple had two daughters. Shar embarked on a teaching career that would span over 30 years. As she contemplated retirement, Shar sought God’s guidance, praying for a vocation that would provide the kind of fulfillment and joy she experienced as a teacher and mother. A lifelong gifted story teller, she began to write Christian romance novels. Her first book, Through Every Storm, published in 2007, was met with critical acclaim and brisk sales. The rest, as they say, is history. Whitaker House’s bestselling fiction author, she’s subsequently published 18 books, mostly historical romances. Shar enjoys reading, singing in her church choir and worship team, traveling, and spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren. She’s very interactive on Facebook and Twitter. For more:,, Twitter @ sharzy_lu.

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To celebrate her tour, Whitaker House is giving away:

Grand Prize Package: Their Daring Hearts (Forever Freedom Series) #2 by Sharlene MacLaren; Summer on Sunset Ridge (Forever Freedom Series #1) signed by the author, Sharlene MacLaren, Abba Jerusalem Hyssop 6” Pillar Candle.
1st Place: Their Daring Hearts (Forever Freedom Series) #2 by Sharlene MacLaren; Heart of Mercy (Tennessee Dreams #1) by Sharlene MacLaren; Whitaker House/Anchor Coloring Book with Colored Pencils.
2nd Place: Their Daring Hearts (Forever Freedom Series) #2 by Sharlene MacLaren; Whitaker House/Anchor Coloring Book with Colored Pencils.!!

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  1. I enjoyed your well written review. I am always looking for new books to read and am interested in historical fiction. I also read multiple types of books at the same time. Thanks for having this generous giveaway.

  2. I love historical fiction. The civil war is probably not my favorite time period but it does have a lot of wonderful literary inspiration.

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