Valentines Day Greetings: plus two ideas

Our family loves holidays and using them as a chance to make people feel loved and cared for. This is something we are sharing with our kids and in turn I love seeing them get so excited to celebrate in big and small ways. This year Ben and I are actually going on a wee date – you’d laugh if you knew what we settled on; but in years past just dinner together, cards exchanged, and later quality, festive time with our kids did the trick.

I  have so much fun finding Valentine ideas that would give my kids a kick in the pants so that they would be excited about giving treats to their friends. Cashel has a real sense of humor and really likes making others laugh and Camper really loves to dress up so when I saw this idea out in blogland (Collected Blog shared the idea a while ago!) I couldn’t resist. Thankful for my man who can create or recreate fun printables like these for me on short notice, and now you benefit too! Sharing this free Disguise Valentine Printable with you too.

We had these glasses leftover from a party favor a while back so besides the $3.50 I paid to print them in color they were free this year! You can get these glasses online or at Party City too!

Did I mention our teachers are THE BOMB! These homemade, yummy smelling bath bombs were our Valentines gifts to the two lead and four assistant teachers at our favorite school. This is such a fun recipe for kids to help with.

I snatched the idea from a friend ( don’t you just love friends who share ideas and don’t mind it when you copy… ) I threw together this great recipe for homemade bath bombs that I used for Corban’s first birthday party. This batch turned out so great and I didn’t have the same snafu as last time since I just added the tiniest amount of water (grown ups should control this part carefully because it makes or breaks the outcome.) I tested the mixture as I splashed the tiniest amount of water into the powder mixture to get it just damp enough to hold together. You can read about my oops last time in this post. Just a touch of pink food coloring and some fun hand drawn tags made these perfect to tell our teachers that we think “they are the bomb” this Valentines Day!

And of course my wild haired Cashel Rock couldn’t be more excited to deliver them to his classmates and teachers today! Isn’t he darling? He has a heart of gold and gift giving is right up his alley. I love how much my kids celebrate and enjoy holidays. Traditions and fun new experiences are totally our jam so tonight they’ll eat heart shaped pizza and decorate sugar cookies – a long standing family tradition using this recipe!


Disguise Valentine Printable

Here a couple shots from last year’s Valentines Day Celebration!

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