Our First Married Valentines Day!

Ben’s gift this year was a giant candy card. It read… “All SNICKERS aside, I know we are a couple of NERDS but HUBBA BUBBA you are one HOT TAMALE. Truly my LIFESAVER, you make my STARBURST! No SOUR PATCHES for us, I SKOR’d big . When PAYDAY rolls around you provide GOOD AND PLENTY. You’re a WHOPPER of a man, and EXTRA special SWEETTART. You and the girls are my THREE MUSKETEERS. But it’s you who makes me RED HOT. You’re no FLING, you are forever. Lovey, Ali

Here Ben presented me with our own domain name. You can now visit our blog by entering http://www.benandalexjacobson.com/ much simpler, and he is so thoughtful!

Then we headed to Spiro’s for lunch with my folks. Our plan was to geocache and use our new digital camera to remind ourselves of what we did for our Valentines Day gift to each other.
They truly are best friends, it is such a blessing to spend time with them. My Dad is not feeling to great these days but he was still game to walk the clear creek trail and geocache with us!

On our way into the trail, on the trailhead near the hosptial.

“The birthing center” sign pointed right at the park bench. Alex’s Mom Wendy is illustrating our thoughts. HAHA!

The men.

The women.

We were without an actualy GPS device, which makes this much harder, so we were trying to use my dad’s cell phone and google maps.

My Dad and I spotted it!

They were disappointed it wasn’t them who found it this time!

The cache!

Then off to Global Bean for coffee and cards. We played Phase 10.

It was a great day!
We got this card from Alex’s folks. They are so enjoying having a son.

This was Ben’s card to Alex. Yes he truly is a cake making fiend.

Beautiful flowers too!

That night we picket up a dessert (mocha flan) and appetizer (goat’s chesse and marinara) from Burata Bistro – a new favorite spot. Along with some sushi and then ate around the coffee table, just the two of us. So fun!

What a special first married Valentines Day!

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