Maui in 2009 ~ Friends, Food, and Fun!

We stayed in Kihei, Maui with friends at an incredible Condo just a few feet from the beach.

Thanks to friends Mitchell and Janet we were able to take an incredible vacation this summer to Maui!

Shortly after Miss Washington, and after Alex’s Previa van – affectionately named The Silver Bullet – was rendered immobile – we headed off on a much needed vacation.

Ben called it a hiatus from reality.

What a flight we had, complete with mai thais!


We picked up our rental car, and headed to Costco and the grocery store to pick up our food for the week.

Then we headed to our condo at Maui Parkshore. It was fully furnished and stocked, we felt very at home!

First stop – the beach!

We played for several hours in the waves and on the beach. This is why we came!

We met this dog, who didn’t have a name, so we called him 34579 because those were the numbers on his dog tag.

He kept us very busy playing fetch all afternoon. We of course immediately started missing our pups – Ipa and Marley.

It wouldn’t be the first day in Maui without a remarkable sunset!

DAY TWO – The next day we went on an adventure via rental car. We ended up on this incredible volcanic stone beach.

After a long walk we were standing in a cove, and what happened? It started to RAIN. Yes we Washingtonians must have brought it with us. But it was incredible and very warm!

Then we headed to a public beach for our picnic lunch. It just so happened to connect to several resort beaches and a wonderful “boardwalk.”

After a long walk we stopped at this gorgeous resort for a swim in their pool.

Only to be treated like Kings and Queens! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Strawberry mint jello anyone?

We both finished the Twilight series on this trip. Ben much faster then Alex.

That evening, in preparation for our snorkeling day Ben and I headed to the store and ended up with these floatation devises for Janet. Just in case!

DAY 3 Before heading to Lahaina for snorkeling the boys did some buggy boarding and wave jumping!

Here we are in Honolua Bay for some snorkeling. We parked up above and then walked through this incredible “rain forest” to get to the cove.

It was truly remarkable.

Here is the gorgeous cove that we snorkeled in!

This was after two snorkel runs, Alex stayed on the beach to read while the other three headed back out. They were determined to see a Sea Turtle. Much to Alex’s dismay they did on that run! So sad.

DAY FOUR- got started nice and early, a bit of a rocky start, when Janet had to make a trip to the doctor. While she was there Ben and Alex had a bit of an adventure of their own. We visited the mall. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here we are standing above the court yard where we drank starbucks and read our books for awhile. As we sat down the market was being set up. The mall hallways were “outdoors” and we were lucky to get to shop before the crowds, more like window shop since it was long before the stores opened.

Then we took a drive and ended up at this incredible Centennial Park. Each people group that immigrated to Hawaii has erected a monument 100 years after their group first came to Hawaii. Portuguese, Japanese, New Englanders, Puerto Ricans and the list went on. Each had a traditional garden. Amazing to learn about the rich history of Hawaii.

In the bamboo garden.

Japanese garden – near the koi pond.

Then we headed further up!

To this incredible rainforest.

There was this huge rock formation (almost pointed) that was used as a lookout for soldiers during war times. We truly could not fathom how they would have scaled it!

Then after picking up Janet from the doctors we lounged around the pool and soaked up the sun!

Later we had a hankerin’ for some seafood and had an incredible meal here at eskimo candy.
Alex had a shrimp cocktail and steamer clams, Ben ate a ahi tuna wrap!
Delicious! And a great atmosphere.

Next a walk along the kamaole parks!

DAY FIVE – started off with a trip to Lahaina. We headed back to Honolua Bay for a second snorkeling adventure. Alex was determined to see a sea turtle, and Ben found his new favorite past time!

Several trips out and a few hours later we had spotted almost everything on our snorkeling guide… including 2 sea turtles. The second one we saw came to the surface and poked he head out of the water less than a foot from Ben’s head! Amazing. God is so good.

Two thumbs up for snorkeling!

Then we headed back to downtown Lahaina where we managed to see a show and Ben got asked to come up on stage to do the hula. You’ve got to see the video to believe it!

We saved a trip to Bubba Gumps for our final day in town.

We ate SO much seafood and it truly was a the perfect way to finish our trip!

And a gorgeous sunset to boot!

Our sever did a great job and we ate some incredible food! Even got a recipe for a tempura dip.

Ben waited all week and finally found a shaved ice booth that had sugar free options1
He was so excited.

Then everyone had to taste!

DAY SIX – headed home!

This trip was exactly what we needed. To quote Ben it was a “Reality Sabbaticle.”

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