WordPress Problems: This is a test

So I asked WordPress (via Twitter,  because they are impossible to get a hold of) and they sent me to godaddy. Called GoDaddy,  at least they are easy to contact, and they’ve never seen the problem before. (The spent a long time brainstorming with me, but to no avail) Can you help? I’m totally exhausted trying to figure it out.


This exhausted! ( yes I’m inserting random photos in hopes of figuring this out…)

Starting at the beginning of July I was creating posts using the same methods I’ve always used. Out of the blue images present differently between a mobile and desktop platform.   When right side up on one platform some of the images are sideways or upside down on the other platform. I’ve tried uploading them using different methods, rotating, resizing… you name it. I’ve uninstalled plugins, reloaded the “theme” on my blog. I have no clue what to even try next except to use a digital camera to take photos and upload those. But here’s the thing that won’t work for my lifestyle so I need to figure out the problem and use the tools I have at my disposal.


I am literally pulling my hair out and could use anyone’s help! REWARD, baked goods or home cooked dinner, for whomever helps me figure it out!

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