WordPress Problem: Test 2

This time I am trying a new way to upload photos, photos that are NOT from my iphone, but instead are saved to a desktop computer….

Hoping you feel all warm and fuzzy when you look at these family photos. I however do not. Because when I uploaded them only 3 came into the media library right side up and the rest were rotated 90 degrees one way or the other. I will note that these photos came from a variety of sources, but were all saved directly to a desktop. Uploaded at the same time but orienting differently on the post. I checked to see if they present differently between the two platforms. On mobile all images are right side up but on desktop all but three are rotated one direction or the other, 90 degrees.

I will also note that when I watched them upload into the media library they appeared as they do on the desktop, but not consistent with how they appear in my own computer library (the way they were when I selected to upload them) nor how they appear on the mobile platform.











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