31 Days of Cast Iron Cooking: day 9 {Chinese Mabo Tofu}

This is a staple at our house called Mabo Tofu. (Said “Mahboo DoeFoo.”)

Sadly this photo does not do it justice. It can be made with ground pork or turkey. I prefer turkey, my Mom who started me cooking this recipe prefers pork.

This dish is easily made in other pans – but I really am trying to make my cast iron my go to pan.

I prefer cast iron for a couple of reasons:
1. It seeps iron into what you are cooking and we desperately need iron at our house!
2. It is easy to clean up.
3. I feel connected to my grandmother who passed these down to me. šŸ™‚ For me cooking is therapeutic, very emotionally involved, and truly a experience that touches me spiritually. I know this sounds funny. Think I’m crazy? Pick up the book “Bread & Wine” by Shauna Neiquist…. (Thanks to my mother-in-law for gifting me the book this past Christmas – it was my inspiration for this series!)

Chinese Mabo Tofu Reicpe

1 lb. ground meat you choose

1 pack of firm or extra firm tofu

3 cups of white Japanese sticky rice cooked

  (what our family prefers with this dish but you can use brown rice or Jasmine easily too)

4-5 green onions diced

1. Brown the meat – and drain.

2. Add 2 packets of sauce
3. Let simmer and dice tofu into very small cubes (I use about 2/3 of a prepackaged block of tofu)
4. Mix in tofu – I like to mix it just until the tofu starts to break up a bit.
5. Serve over steamed rice (I prefer to use a rice cooker) with diced green onions on top.
This is quick, filling and delicious! I promise. Give it a try.

(You can find the mix often at your local grocery store and often even larger chains are carrying it at a lesser price! Asian section- often by Mexican section or with specialty foods)

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