A childhood milestone: scissors

Not sure why I was surprised, as most kids do this, and you have a real thing for scissors.

But today you found our camping scissors on the counter and while I was in the shower you cut Camper’s hair, he looks like he got in a fight with a weed whacker. You also trimmed your’s a touch as well. When I walked into the living room the pillows were everywhere and there was hair literally strewn throughout the pillows and couches.

Your mom is only human and I might’ve raised my voice and gotten really frustrated. I was particularly sad because your hair just started to hang “just so” across your forehead so that you would flip it with your head, and everyone was complimenting us on how cute it looked. Plus Camper has always had short hair and recently we have really liked the longer shaggy look on him. But… after a long time-out in your bedroom you came down the stairs all on your own and said “Momma I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.” My heart melted and I remembered that this is just something kids do. We are headed to your Nona’s house now to get some corrective haircuts and I believe you’ve learned your lesson. But in the meantime I guess you have hit this childhood milestone.

I love you crazy, curious, and adventurous Cashel.


Your pile of brunette blocks is on the left and campers larger pile of blonde hair is on the right. ( update… I actually think almost all of the hair is Camper’s,  truly can’t believe how much you were able to cut off before I found you.)

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