Feeling Put Together

What helps you feel put together?

Is it a shower? Doing your makeup?

For me this has looked different over the years and has changed as our family has grown.

I can feel “put together” without washing my hair, but brushing my teeth and putting on my makeup makes the cut.

I feel “put together” without the latest fashion trends, but I’d be lost without some cute hand me downs from my stylish sister.

I prefer comfort over style, but also like to look cute.

I’m thankful for two sister in laws who look cute on a budget and give me loads of ideas.

Put together isn’t everything. But it goes a long way.

So… a wee inspiration. So you can think through what helps you feel put together.

A fun Mom hack I was recently turned onto by my friend…. Sally Hanson’s “Insta Dri” nail polish. But this isn’t just any Insta Dri polish. You’ve got to snag the one in the RED bottle that serves as a top coat to any polish and makes it “Insta Dri !” (Like literally dry in 2 min! Take the challenge)

Having my fingers painted, even if chipped and wearing off is a fun treat for this busy Momma!

And if feeling put together helps me feel more myself then it’s worth the time, energy, and is a priority.

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