Better Together: A Book Review

Practical & beneficial. I’m blessed to have used and implemented these ideas in my own life for a couple of years, but seeing her suggestions and strategies for connecting – through motherhood – recorded all in one place excited me for women to dive in and TRY THIS in their own lives. It’s an easy and quick read about connecting. My favorite portion of the book was called “Variety Is the Spice of Life!” It was all about mom personalities and while I found it insightful in my relationships with others I also found it helpful in learning about myself as a mom, woman, and friend. I think overall this book could be titled “Better Together: Because you are not mean to WIFE Alone” or even “WOMAN alone.” It really does touch on a few specifics for moms, but would also be just as beneficial to wives and women in general. I loved the practicality of this book, especially the information in the appendixes. I can always use a good conversation starter, love quick lists of Scriptures I can share, or ideas for fun cooperative activities to do with other moms. Household goods swap with girlfriends – yes please! I was also so appreciative for the chapters about how to help others. This is such a critical part of motherhood and I recognize this, but also know that not everyone (myself included) is fluent in each of the love languages of “gift giving,” “acts of service,” “quality time” or “words of affirmation” but this book can help you develop those skills. Beyond all of this…

I was so blessed to see these principles in action in my life. I have moms who truly are the “spice” in my life. They are incredible models of the very principles in this book and are constantly teaching me, helping me, forgiving me, and encouraging me as this book suggests we should. I am grateful.

I was recently able to get away with some of them for a day or two. We cut loose, relaxed, and had adult only conversation. We challenged each other, laughed a lot, talked even more, and left refreshed and with priceless memories.

And in these moments when blessed with a gift from one lady or “sisterhood of the traveling socks” from another, I am reminded that we need each other. That in fact we are “better together: because we are not meant to mom alone.” There is a reason “it takes a village to raise a child.” I believe it also takes a village to raise and grow a mom. It is the village that helps us love people and love Jesus more. It helps us change, embrace difference, and love more fully.

And so I ask you, to grab the book. And also take the chance to reflect on who you are as a mom, who you can reach out to and support, and how you can grow. This togetherness thing is for all of us, but it isn’t easy. Jill Savage covers forgiveness for a reason. As you help and encourage you’ll also face challenges and in those moments how you respond says a lot about true togetherness.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this

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