Cascade Camp Cedarbrook was the most consistent thing in my life growing up. After doing the day four post in my photo series I decided I’d try to inspire those who have children to send their kids to camp!

This year I am directing the girls weeks with a good friend of mine, “Raven”. At camp we have “camp names.” Mine is “Skuttle” like the seagull in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. I love this scene so much and due to the fact that I scuttle around and love to know all the “scuttle butt” the name seemed fitting.

Anyways back to the purpose of this post… I learned so many skills at camp. I took archery, swimming, horsemanship, crafts, outdoor cooking and the list could go on and on. Each year I looked forward to “roughing it” and learning something new. Along with being reuinited with old friends and the caring staff.

I learned self disciplines like reading my Bible daily, prayer, even personal cleanliness. When left to my own devices, at camp, I learned the power of a hot shower. đŸ™‚

Camp truly impacted me and is why this year I have turned my volunteering hours to giving back to camp. Please let me know if camp influenced your life and if you might want more information for your own child or a child you love who should go to camp.

Enjoy some photos of this past year! I even took my Mom along for the ride this year. She wouldn’t go when I was a camper because she wanted it to be “my thing.” Now I don’t think I could keep her away.

 Each year we have a new theme – this year was “road trip.” We did some fantastic activities and had a ton of fun. I love working with the “Explorer” division – a fantastic group of high school ladies.

 We did some dream mapping this year. Got creative and explored the way that God wired us and the dreams he placed inside us.

 Swimming, synchronized swimming to be more precise, was a highlight for me this past year!

Crazy hair day – “Skuttle” and “Puddle”
My Mom is named for Beatrix Potter’s Jemima Puddle Duck. We all have bird names at camp.
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