Geocaching Adventures

We love to geocache! Below are some adventures we have had with family. For those of you who have yet to experience geocaching yourself – I explain it has “high tech treasure hunting.” You use clues and coordinates (on a GPS device) to find caches that are planted all over the world.

When you find a cache it is usually in some kind of container and you can leave something in it for the next geocachers to find. You can also take something from the cache and move it to another cache.

We like to use travel bugs (again a high tech piece of treasure). We usually leave and take a travel bug when we geocache because then you can enter the travel bugs number online and watch where it travels. Some of ours have traveled the world! We also often leave behind a pink ribbon or breast cancer pin in honor of my Auntie Toni and others who have or are fighting the terrible disease.

Here we are selecting a travel bug to move to another location. This was a fun cache found right in our hometown. Tonie was the one to spot the cache on her first time out!

She was SO excited. Ben is the veteran geocacher, he has been doing it for years with friend Brandon and sister Emily. They like to go at night, especially to cemetaries.

We headed off to find another cache nearby. We were using the car GPS which made it quite a bit harder.

AGAIN, Tonie found the cache. This time it was a micro cache. When they are are micro you just write your name on a slip of paper that is contained in the film cannister or other small container. It’s fun to read names (we use a team name) of others who have found it and to see when they found the cache!

We can’t wait for more geocaching. Alex’s parents just discovered it in the past year and have had so much fun treasure hunting. They have been burying their own treasures for several years now as time capsules that mark their love story. Someday we will get to go unearth them! In the meantime we’ll unearth other’s treasures!

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