Home Remodel in pictures….

We tore out a wall in August. Had no idea what it would lead to.

Here it is before….


While Ben worked… I created a cake for my sister’s birthday. She turned 25 and it was a replica cake of the one she had on her 5th birthday! Here I am in the madness!!!

We discovered that plumbing and electrical ran down that wall and therefore had to be redirected. MUCH more of a project then we had anticipated. Thanks to our brother Jerod for helping so much!

We got ourselves to a stopping point, waited for the concrete counter tops to be ready and to have a plan for the rest of the room.

We picked up the project again in November. Not sure we had to much more of a plan but we went with our guts on each decision.

Stainless steel tile for the backsplash…

Concrete counters were finished and delivered, then we pulled up laminate flooring in kitchen, entry, and bathroom.

The appliances were moved to the dining and living room and we were officially displaced over Thanksgiving week(end). šŸ˜‰

The end was in sight and we had so much to be Thankful for during this Thanksgiving season.
The results are in…
1. 1 less kitchen cabinet, but a more open floor plan.
2. beautiful concrete counter tops that we are in love with thanks to a friend who does beautiful work.
3. new kitchen plumbing.
4. 3 new sconce lights and new electrical over our “bar.”
5. freshly painted kitchen cabinets with updated pulls/handles put on.
6. a gorgeous stainless steel back splash behind the stove and above the counter.
7. an incredible new “undercount” stainless steel sink with a tall industrial faucet.
8. new tile in the kitchen, entry, and downstairs bath.
9. a lot of new paint.
10 an overall delightful living space that we adore!

And after…

But by the end of the Thanksgiving break we had a completed kitchen (save a few minor things like trim) and a more cohesive living space. I put up Christmas decor right away and we had our tree the next week. Felt like home and like a space we could call our own!

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  2. wow! Opening that wall up was a huge part of making the whole place feel so good and so open! In a small space, that is really BIG!! Looks WONDERFUL!

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