TTC Series: First Doctor's Visit

Written November 14, 2011 after our first doctor’s visit.

Well today didn’t go quite as we had planned or hoped.

Ben was able to join me and I’m so glad he was there. I believe I am 8-9 weeks along, but my ultrasound didn’t reveal a pregnancy that is that far along.

Dr. Quimby seemed very concerned, but stayed calm. She scheduled another visit for November 21, next Monday. It seems like forever to wait. She didn’t see a yoke sack or fetal stem like she should and either this is not a viable pregnancy or I’m not as far along as I think I am. I really don’t think it’s the latter because of my charting, but I am trying to not worry and praying a lot.

My heart is aching, my mind teaming, Ben is calm, cool, collected and both of us are prayerful.

How things change in just a minute.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss and that you had to go through that. I went through something so similar about 3 months after you (Feb 2012). Went in for my normal 'dating' ultrasound feeling good and normal and thinking i was about 10 weeks. I was so thankful my mom popped over to hang with Liv in the waiting room because I felt crushed when she said there was no baby. I held onto that hope that MAYBE I was wrong…it wasn't until my hcg really dropped and I had one last follow up ultrasound. My heart was so heavy having to let go of that last bit of hope. I can now really empathize with my patients that come in and are going through it too.

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