Swappin’ Scarves

This party takes place each year – I think I have now hosted five!
Some years I do it before Christmas so we have the scarves all winter, other years I do it a bit later and focus on snow.
This year’s party I’m sharing in JUNE – Christmas in June anyone?
I know we are all thinking sun, but I just couldn’t wait that long… Or should I just say admit I waited too long? **smile** (sheepishly)
For our scarf swap each lady brings one scarf (new or very gently used) and wrap them up all pretty.
We do a gift exchange and everyone heads home with a “new-to-them” scarf!
I love seeing the scarves on the ladies all season long.
For our gift exchange these are the rules we use…
1. I put numbers in a bowl (exactly the number of guests in attendance)
2. We each pick a number.
3. We go numerically and each guest can pick an unwrapped scarf or one that someone else has in their possession.
4. You can steal from someone else but once a scarf has been stolen twice it is frozen and has found it’s new permanent owner.
The ladies love it and it brings out a lot of laughter.
Be sure to check out my party tips a bit further into this post.

To make things simple the ladies all brought a dish to share and we had a wealth of delicious food!

Party Tips
1. Pick your theme according to things you already have or items you can easily borrow.
2. Enlist help from a friend who can see your vision.
3. Share the responsibility. Maybe someone else can open their home, you can decorate, and guests can each bring an appetizer to share. This is how I tackled this party. A friend opened their home, another helped acquire decorations, I set up ahead during a nap time, guests brought appetizers and I provided dessert and hot cocoa.
4. Be sure to help clean up – thoroughly – if another friend opens up their home. I mean it’s the least you can do since they tidied (and cleaned) their home before guests arrived.
5. Think simple to make the biggest statement you can and use decorations you already have that will serve that purpose best.
6. Channel your energy into things that make the most difference.
7. Move furniture to provide a welcome spot to eat, socialize, and later to swap scarves.
Think OPEN floor plan.

Here are all the ladies in their scarves. I always love these photos to see what everyone ended up with and to remember this annual party each year!

Hope you are inspired.

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