Party.inspiration: Loving people through food…

I’ve learned I love to love people with food.

I love to see people have full stomachs and happy hearts. So… when my dear friend Mallory volunteered to cater our church staff Christmas party I decided to jump on the band wagon. Having her as a partner in crime was truly a dream come true. She and I are cut from the same cloth and we really LOVE food and cooking. Lists, hundreds of texts, a lot of tasting, and so many laughs later the meal is done. The guests were full, happy, and left with wonderful memories.



The Menu




Bacon wrapped dates
Caprese salad
Veggie cups

Cesar salad
Garlic sautéed French green beans
Roasted chicken breast cooked in a white wine reduction
Rice pilaf
with a Beurre Blanc Sauce

Chocolate cake
Red velvet cake
Pumpkin pie

Hot cocoa bar
Hot spiced cider
Sparkling cider

Cooking, and feeding people does something for my soul and it truly is a way to love people.



Thanks Mallory for volunteering us, to newlife.nk for letting us experiment on you; and here’s to many more meals cooked for family, friends, and strangers who become friends.
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  1. You are so amazing. How do you do it with two little ones? My kids' birthday parties are getting lamer and lamer with each new addition to the family, ha ha. You need a party planning business!

    Christy Palmer

    1. I do have my Ask Alex Joy wedding coordinating page on facebook. ( I just started doing it a bit more formally this summer. I really love it. Plus I've considered extending it into other parties too. This time I got to work with a talented foodie friend so it was especially fun!

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