Corban Hawk’s Official Birth Announcement – a few months late

Okay so I’m so excited to finally get to share our birth announcement for our sweet Corban Hawk! I’m tickled pink to get to share some of his newborn photos done by Tonie Christine Photography and to celebrate who this sweet boy is becoming.

Yes as a third child it wasn’t sent until he was 4 months old, so that just meant he needed a current photo included! However, I am determined to do special things like this, blog posts, monthly update pictures, and a baby book for him like my other boys. My latest way to capture things for my boys are email addresses that I write to periodically. I have only started Cashel’s and Corban’s and Camper’s is not far behind. I’ll share more about this later. For now the Jacobson Family is…

On a sidenote I wanted to share this tip that is in no way affiliated with either Vista Print or Shutterfly. In the past I have used Shutterfly to create my birth announcements. See Cashel’s here and Camper’s here. But for a couple years now we have used Vista Print to produce our Christmas Cards (with our own design that Benjamin creates). After spending and inordinate amount of time on Shutterfly trying to get as many photos as I wanted to include, plus the text and info I wanted to convey, to fit on the card I was sadly disappointed. Not just with that challenge in creating the design I wanted, but also by the crazy prices they were charging. I decided to head over to see what Vista Print had to offer. On Shutterfly they were running a 40% off sale and even with the sale and free shipping I was going to spend over $50 for 25 cards. After spending time creating the above announcement I was delighted to see how much flexibility the Vista Print designs provided and then to find that the price was just over $30 for 40 cards! (There was a 25% off coupon code I used to get that price). The designs themselves were more limited but they had so much flexibility I really felt like they were worth it, and less then 2/3 the price!
So.. the tip is this…
Before spending a bunch of time designing your announcement or invite be sure to check the competitors prices and designs.
THEN get started. I was thrilled with what I found at Vista Print then again.
(PS I didn’t get anything in return for this honest opinion. Just wanted to share the inside scoop with you all!)
But you can get a discount yourself and I’ll earn some credit if you order using my link!
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