Only One You: Illustrated Faith Devotional Kit Review

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Only One You” is the April Devotional Kit put out by Illustrated Faith and DaySpring. The Kit is colorful, thoughtful, packed with Scripture and so much potential.

The kit focuses on the idea that you are created, called, and crowned by the King.
“My hope is that as you go through this kit and spend time in your Bible, you’ll be strongly reminded of your purpose and beauty. After all, there’s only one you.” —Shanna Noel

Devotional titles:
Session 1 – Fully Known – Jeremiah 1:5
Session 2 – Masterpiece – Psalm 139:14
Session 3 – Hope of Glory – Colossians 1:27
Session 4 – Chosen – Esther 4:14

Product Details:

  • 1 clear stamp collection
  • 1 roll washi tape
  • 1 thank you card from Shanna
  • 3 heart-shaped tip-ins
  • 12 paper prompts
  • 3 paper pieces
  • 2 sheets cardstock stickers
  • 4 journaling cards
  • 4 devotional cards
  • 1 plastic holder



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I was so challenged by the content in this kit. How hard is it in our fast paced, competitive culture to be critical of ourselves, our callings, even our identities. What is your favorite part of yourself? What activities do you participate in that help you feel alive? What is God calling you to that only you can do? How can you, unique as you are, join the Lord in what He is doing? I hope you will take a moment to think through those questions and grab your kit to help you dive into these concepts further.

I am thrilled to see the cardstock stickers return to the kit as I feel like they are more versatile (than the clear stickers which have been in the past few months, which I also love but for different reasons). I love that there are tabs, banners, hearts, and so much more. The colors are vibrant and the cardstock material really does it justice.

This month there are eight cards included. Four are numbered session 1-4 and include devotional content, Scripture references, prompts and space to respond. They really make the most of the space. I love to used these cards to create additional paper pieces, tabs, and even use the text on the back as wordfetti I add to my Bible entries. Many people also hole punch or bind these cards to create individual monthly booklets. SO much versatility here.

The other four journaling cards are just that. The front includes a Scripture written out fully and a beautiful complimentary design. The boldness of these cards really struck me this month and I am having so much fun creating replicas on the pages of my Bibles, and using them as a jumping off point for vibrant and meaningful entries. I was also reminded, after looking at the cards, at just how powerful Scripture writing is. Just simply rewriting a passage or verse of Scripture on the margin of my Bible or in a daily planner is such a powerful tool for Spiritual growth. It’s a wonderful way to learn more about Him and His promises and to hide them in our hearts. Here’s to some more Scripture writing this month.

I also plan to replicate these lovely water color grids on a page or two. I think it will make such a lovely backdrop for those Scriptures or journaling thoughts. Have I ever mentioned that one way I distinguish my own thoughts from Scripture or other quotes I inlude in my entries is that I underline them. That just means that when I am done writing my own thoughts on an entry I return and just quickly add a line under each sentence. This makes my own thoughts easily distinguishable when I return to a page. It also makes very clear which thoughts were not my own and are quotes from others – like an author, pastor, or directly from a devotional.

These heart shaped tips ins get all the heart eyes from me. I just swoon for the bright colors and love that htey are double sided. The fronts have simple thoughts that match the month’s theme and two of the backs include another Scripture! There really are so many references in this kit which just creates extra potential for more entries and tying thoughts together. And can I get an “amen!” for the “dream in color” quote!

The paper pieces might be my favorite element this month. I am a paper pieces girl! But what makes these even better is that 12 of the 14 pieces (only the two smallest ones are the exception) have a Scripture reference on the back. This month every reference you find between the tip-ins, content cards, and paper pieces are different! That is the best thing ever. It draws us further into Scripture, helps us make connections and really learn about Him and His promises. Plus this month’s theme really dives into exploring just how much He cares for us, His creation.

And finally the clear acrylic stamps, washi tape, and that little “bit” they did last month too the circle, cardstock sticker! These details really bring it all together. I simply adore the washi and have found myself using it all over the place. Including in my 100 Days of Bible Promises entries. It’s so easy to use them as one long sentiment or to rip them apart and as individual words. “crafted,” “called,” “crowned,” “wildly loved.”

Those stamps are just so fun, the whimsy of the extra design pieces like the blossom and squiggle. The phrase “Made to Shine” is found throughout the kit ties it all together, and oh my gracious don’t you love the eyelashes and the ampersand? Again, I know I said it before, but this kit really is extra versatile and given the sheer number of Scripture references provided it could really be stretched so far. I challenge you to look creatively at the cards and try something new. Cut the cards apart! Recreate the art on the pages of your Bible! Use new colors… What can you do to stretch yourself creatively. Maybe you want to take a look at the vibrant new lines DaySpring just came out with as well, “All People All Nations” and “Fruit of the Spirit” are also so colorful and bold!


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Check out my LIVE unboxing of “Only One You” here!

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