Thankful on a Thursday #101-114

101. Supportive family and friends who are family.
102. Celebrations
103. Ben’s graduation! This Saturday he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northwest University. So proud!

104. Goose was lost and now she is home.

105. Meyer’s basil scented natural cleaner (dish soap and countertop spray!)
106. Pinterest crafts I actually do!

107. New recipes and replacing old tools in my kitchen with new Pampered Chef ones.
108. New camera to capture all our special moments.
109. Motivation.
110. WWU water bottle with straw.
111. Smoothies for breakfast!

112. A thoughtful and genuine husband with an incredible work ethic.
113. It’s a boy! (stay tuned for a special blog about thus one!)

114. A wonderful birthday vacation.

Inspiration Forecast:
1. Recent Pinterest projects
2. Waddle it be? Gender reveal party pics!
3. Highlights and recommendations from our San Francisco birthday trip!
4. Lemon-buttermilk cake recipe

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