What's in my bag?

The I haven’t done an inspiration.parenting post in a while so I thought I’d jump on this giveaway bandwagon and share with you what I carry in my bag.

Sometimes it feels like I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders… And maybe it’s because I almost do.
I am a believer that you have to have a bag you love… And being prepared helps me be a better mom.
That being said here are some things I carry with me.
At the end of the post I will share a few things not pictured that somehow were in my bag at the time of the photograph. But I have found that they are hugely helpful too! So I wanted to share.
1// The book I am currently reading. 
(I found I have to carry it everywhere with me if I ever hope to finish a book.) Right now I’m reading “Make it Happen” by Lara Casey
2// This awesome teether – Green Sprouts Cornstarch Hand Teether 
(Or Sophie the giraffe is my other go-to baby occupier.)
3// Plum Organics baby food pouches. My toddler calls them “smoothies” and my baby just started to do these all on his own! Yay for easy when on the go.

4// I’m digging this zipper reusable snack bag by Bumkins right now. I change up how I store snacks to also keep the kids attention. 
5// handmade bib with snap (I also love real buttons with button holes).
6// baby spoon travel container. I love this so much. I picked it up at my local dollar tree but found this one by nuby online and it seems super similar. 
7// A wet-dry bag that I used to use for cloth diapers but am currently using to store wet clothing when my potty-training toddler has an accident.
8// back up pacifier on a leash.
9// loving these fun Kleenex packs I picked up at Walmart. It helps wiping all those runny noses during cold season if the pattern makes you smile… right?!
10// cute little boy underpants (tip: buy at TJMaxx or Ross, or on Amazon. They are trying to rob you with those prices and you need a million pairs when potty training!)

SIDENOTE: I didn’t think anything in the world could make me smile more then baby socks… See this post about things “I don’t take for granted” until…. I met little boy underware!

11// I also carry the lightest weight outfit I have that’s clean for both boys as I feel like almost every day one of them needs a back up outfit. So rather then fill my bag with jeans or other bulky clothes I love little Carter’s outfits.
12// And then I need a Flip and Tumble reusable grocery bag (I like the 24/7 bag.) Their sling style is perfect for when I have my hands full. I use it all the time for dirty laundry, groceries, all the extras I need to bring in from the car… you get the point it’s  a must have!
13// And you can’t forget the color crayon roll. This was a gift from a friend – she got them off Pick Your Plum – and has saved us multiple times when we just needed something to occupy the toddler…

14// Bath and Body Works travel hand sanitizer is also a new addition. I had some other hand sanitizer before but with all this potty training I needed something fun to use the millionth time I had to “wash my hands” on the go. Mommy needs incentives too!

And a couple other items I usually have packed inside the bag that aren’t pictured that I just had to share…

15// kids grip-n-gulp nalgene – in slime green

16// huggies refillable wipes (the cute “clutch and go ” one)

17// My girlfriend has gifted me the most adorable key fob for a couple years straight. This is the one I have currently and I’m in love. Only way I can keep track of my keys.

18// Last but not least I am regularily tossing in my boys two “lovies” – These Jelly Cat stuffed animals are their best friends and they go on adventures with us everywhere. We love the “bashful” line of animals. Cashel has “Ahh Ahh” the gorilla and Camper has “Eee Ahh” the donkey. If they are not in my boys arms you’ll find them half in and half out zipped into the top of my bag for quick access.

Hope you found some fun ideas or are inspired when it comes to “What’s in your bag?!”

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