31 Days: Present

October brings an annual writing challenge and in my fourth year the choice was obvious. Maybe not as practical as the past couple of years but here goes….

31 Days: Present

I chose the word “present” at the start of 2016 and believe it was ordained. I needed this word as my constant companion this year. I needed the lessons that would follow it, the self reflection it would inspire, and the quest it would begin for me.

So for the month of October I’ll write, I’ll share, I’ll explore the ideas and maybe we’ll learn a few things together. You’ll be able to find each day’s writings here – a sort of table of contents, so if you miss stay or find one you’d like to revisit this will be your go-to index of each day’s writing.  (An aside: I do write these real time, so know that true to who I am, what you’re reading/seeing is exactly where I am.)

img_4300Day 1 – A Book Review that launched it all – Present Over Perfect

Day 2 – Present: be not do

Day 3 – Present: with

Day 4: edit

Day 5: Sabbath

Day 6: abide

Day 7: escape

Day 8: focus

Day 9 – connectedness

Day 10 – in between

Day 11 – hiatus


While I had all the topics selected, I sadly did not finish this series. Maybe someday… In the meantime why don’t you check out the other 31 day challenges I have taken on…


The other 31 day challenges are:

2013 – 31 Days of Creating White Space

2014 – 31 Days of Cast Iron Cooking

2015 – 31 Days of Living Well Spending Zero

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