Baby Showers Mostly Look the Same…

Baby showers mostly look the same… but aren’t they fun!
I can’t tell you how many showers I have attended in the past few years, but I’m getting to be a professional baby registry shopper.


Looking for the safety plugs for outlets at Target? I can direct you to D5 the end cap and you’ll find them along with the infant first aid kits, just around the corner some wonderful washing racks for bottle nipples and binkis. 2 rows over there are some wonderful bath tub toy holders and car accessories.

Okay you get my gist…

In the midst of my baby shower hopping adventures I have seen some adorable decorations inspired by clotheslines and I just couldn’t resist per my LOVE for clothes pins, twine and the things you can hang from them.

At Nicole’s shower the hostesses used newborn diapers, shirts, and onesies hung from twine and wooden clips, hung in front of the windows. Too cute! Of course the things you hang could be color, pattern, or theme specific. You could hang toys, rattles, and on and on the list goes.

At Erin’s shower this past weekend, Suzanne the hostess cut adorable letters spelling out
“B-A-B-Y J-O-Y”
and hung them from decorative ribbon. She just used scrap booking paper and went from there. You could spell a name, be gender specific, or go the more neutral route.
Suzanne also used fruit in her centerpiece to hold up the perfect small balloon and gave “mums” as prizes for those who won the games. What a great ideas.
Suzanne also had a “kids table” handy and had the “big sister” sit in her own special rocking chair while the “Mom-to-be” opened gifts. Even the “big sis” felt special!




 Here sugar cookies in the shapes of animals are used to decorate a cake. You could also use a sports theme, jungle theme, or get more gender specific – what a simple way to do it.  They also used fresh potted flowers as “party favors.” They were covered at the base with tissue paper and twine and guests could take them home with them.
 At Nicole’s shower the Mom’s filled out recipes for a “Happy Mom” and “Happy Baby Boy.” They were put in a photo album so she could add baby pictures later.
Thanks for sharing ladies!! Hope you are inspired to get creative and make your next baby shower a bit more unique…

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