Baby Must Haves: Round Four

As I’m entering the second trimester of pregnancy, this is the time for me to get things done since I’m not sick or huge. I’ve started thinking about how I will prepare for baby number four.  We’ve moved the big boys back into one room, which hasn’t been the case for a couple of months, since Cashel decided sharing the bottom bunk wouldn’t work for him any more. (Neither wanted the top bed after our house fire, so they shared the bottom bed for a couple months.) Now that they are in one room I’m moving on to a “honey do list” for completing projects around the house and going through clothes – getting rid of baby clothing that is worn out or we just haven’t used for the boys. I’m also looking for some gender neutral outfits, in what we have, to get us through the first days. I’m also thinking about what gear needs to be replaced. I wrote this post in about baby gear in 2014 right after my second and it’s a very comprehensive list of baby needs if you are looking for a complete list. Quite a few things still make an appearance on my “must have” list this time around.

We are not finding out gender so in some ways this time is a little bit different.  Also since we are having a fourth child many of the things that we had on hand for our first through third babies are worn out or not usable any longer. This is a start, I’m on the hunt for…

Baby Must Haves: Round Four

1. a coming home {first} outfit
For us this is just an outfit s/he will wear in his/her first photos, since we will have another home birth.
2. swaddle blankets
I have had so many of these over the years, but use them so much I need to replace with each babe. Ever heard of a burp blanket? That’s what swaddles
were called with Cashel Man who spit up so much that we were both constantly wet.
3. baby carrier
Again ours are worn out from so much use (ergo and moby) and for me these becomes even more necessary with each consecutive child.
4. monitor
Our previous video monitor was dubbed “ruined” after our house fire and we really need a quality baby monitor.
5. bibs
Another one of those things that get used so much and need to be replaced with each babe, plus thankfully the new trends are SO cute.
6. diapers
I did cloth with the first two, but at this point (at least until they are having less frequent diaper changes and in size 2 or larger) I use disposable.
7. bath supplies
I have always used a bath sponge, but this time am going to try something new. Plus I like to restock on infant shampoo, lotion, and diaper cream.

This list shrinks with each babe, what we see as necessary just seems to dwindle. But this time there are things that have worn out and need replacing or a few things that we want our little one to have that is just his/her own.

I’ll provide some links to some of my favorites on which thankfully carries many of my must-have’s both large and small.

1. For our coming home outfit we always have had a family tradition of the babe wearing a Kansas “Jayhawk” hat and booties and this time will be no exception. However, I also selected this darling, gray outfit by L’ovedbaby  or this sweet, white sleep sack by Goumikids that we can use for the newborn photos. And I think I’ll add this darling bonnet as a “prop” for the photos. I’ve always wanted to have a baby who wears bonnets.
2.. For Swaddles I love the bamboo Aden + Anais Silky Soft Bamboo Swaddle Blankets.
I had “Moonlight” with Corban and they even made it into his newborn photos. I’m putting the Midnight black and white set on my wishlist this time! I also love the Bison pattern by Little Unicorn so that might be my other choice since they get rave reviews too.

3. Baby carriers are used daily at our house. We have gotten the most use out of our Ergo and this time (since ours is complete worn out) I want their four-position carrier.  Corban still rides on my back and it lets him stay involved, and be safe. This is certainly a must have for our family.

4. I am not a mom who loves using a baby monitor, and thankfully my husband is a huge help at night from when our babies sleep through the night at about 4 months old. But since our children’s bedrooms are upstairs and our master bedroom is downstairs, and especially after having a house fire, I know just how important they are. We will be using a video monitor and we wanted one that could have multiple screens since our children will be split between 2-3 bedrooms, once the baby is not in our room. At the moment is carrying the Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor, but we don’t feel the need for that type of monitor. We have selected the nest cam so that we can use an old iphone as the monitor and have cameras in multiple rooms, and we are also using their smoke detectors that allow the upstairs to be linked to the downstairs so when one alarm goes off the others do too.

5. I am in love with the “bandana” style bib and we first used them with Camper after we purchased some in Ireland when Cashel was just 9 months old. They just weren’t popular in the states yet. Thankfully has some fabulous ones in that style to pick from I love these black and white ones by Copper Pearl. It might be my sister’s influence and her love of all things black and white, seeing that my darling niece still looks girly in her black and white style, or that we won’t know gender of our little one; but I am so drawn to these stark patterns and sets. I also want to try this kind with sleeves. I like the idea of really saving their clothes by having their whole top covered.

6. Diapers are expensive and the best gift to receive at showers. I love getting them in sizes newborn-2 and my favorite style is by far the Pampers Swaddlers – especially when they are small. I later switch to Kirkland brand just for cost and for convenience sake.

7. This time I’m using a different option for bath time. I previously just used a bath sponge I picked up at a local box store. But this time I’m going to with the Puj Flyte or a Blooming bath and I’m going to try this lavendar lotion and wash by Tubby Tod. I’ve heard great things from Heidi over at Bainbridge Boheme about this soap, check out their bedtime routine.

I will also be returning to once we know if our fourth is a boy or a girl and will snag a few gender specific things. I mean look at these bows, this bonnet, suspenders, this cap, or this beanie! Oh my… my cart is so full.

And if you saw my recent post about my baby bag you know I prefer a bag that has a backpack option since I need my hands to keep track of the kiddos. does have at least one style that has a backpack option so check those out here. I’ve had two of this style by this brand and loved it. The gray embossed would be my pick this time because it’s pretty, but I also like the glazed since they are easier to wipe down. I used mine a lot with these on my stroller.

Let me know if I’m missing something or if you have any questions!

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