Feed the 5,000 Friday…

“I would say that [you] could save a dying soul, and that soul could save a whole nation.” ~Susan Ibrahim (Sierra Leone – sponsored through Children of the Nations)

I have received SO much inspiration from this program that I am advocating for. Feed the 5000 is a movement being sponsored by newlife church in Kitsap county.

I am sponsoring Arnold Joel through The Sakila Sponsorship Program in Tanzania. I know that Arnold Joel lives in a run down house with his 1 sibling and mother and father. The house is in very poor shape and this summer there is already a huge drought in Tanzania. That means more will go hungry and that the school and program will need us more then ever.

Last month my First Grade Friends did a bake sale and raised over $200 for the program. Last Friday our school gave $900 and that brings our year’s total to $1500. The second grade students sold baggies of fishie crackers in the school office for $0.25 and raise over $100. Another brother and sister did a lemonade stand and raised over $50. Our kids are getting involved!

I am personally advocating for The Sakila Sponsorship Program as a part of the Feed the 5000 but there are 5 other organizations listed on their site, or you could do any program you want. Like this one directed by Katie Davis (I’ll post a video of her tomorrow!) called Amazima Ministires. Truly there are countless organizations out there helping to Feed the 5000 and I urge you to get involved.

You will be inspired.

I have this precious boy, Edward Peter, who still needs a sponsor. He is an ingoing Kindergartner and will even be in school with our little boy Arnold Joel. Will you consider sponsoring him? Or a child like him at Sakila Sponsorship….

Well… since I typed that I got a message and he is now sponsored. Stay tuned for a new face and name…. 🙂 Great problem to have….

Or if you can’t do a monthly sponsorship could you do a one time donation to help get food for these children and their families during this terrible drought.

Here are 4 little (I guess now I can say 5) ones who have already been sponsored!

Livingston Kaften & Kennedy Wilfred

Rose Ayubu & Noveta Moses
 And now Edward Peter too!

If you decide to sponsor a child and want more information about the Sakila Sponsorship Program in Tanzania please contact me. Also if you decide to sponsor a child be sure to report it here!

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