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Today was snack day! I literally almost forgot. 

I truly enjoy creating fun snacks for my kiddos to take. Last year I did ghost banana muffins and a couple of other little cookie cutter cheese pieces and carrots….  We did some super fun skewers for Valentines,   and then in the spring we created these fun little butterflies.  Our first snack this year was pretty simple, we just sent in Satsuma oranges and pirate booty.  However, I did portion out the snacks for them into seasonal treat bags. I found that my kids love personalized, individual packets! This time around I wanted to do something festive.

I hit up Pinterest seasonally to pin a few, fun snack ideas so I’m prepared with the day rolls around. I try to pick simple things that the kids can help me put together because then I find they take pride in their snack. I like to think they can encourage their friends to try new things if they have some ownership over what they brought.

We love the Montessori model because they sit around a family style table, get to serve each other, use things like real cloth napkins and glass water cups, and practice their manners.

I hit up Pinterest and we made ghost cheese sticks, you guys so easy. Literally I just drew little faces on the cheese sticks. When camper gets to take snack next week the kids will do it themselves.  And then the little pumpkin oranges were just peeled satsumas, with a stick of celery stuck in the middle. I provided some extra celery just in case.

I also chose to do blueberry muffins with a little sugar crumble top because those are Cashel’s favorites. He was so tickled to deliver such fun and festive treats to his friends. (It was easy to make those festive by just putting them in fun cupcake papers.)

What I’m reminded about as I write this is that kids need to take ownership of their diet.  I read somewhere that doing family-style dinners, where the kids serve themselves, can help them try new things. I also know that with the “love it, like it, learning it” model from Veggies and Virtue they’re always encouraging kids to try new things, but never forcing it. I think fun creative snacks like this are a great way to try.

Most nights our kids will try something new, or are willing to eat something that may not be their favorite. However, we too have those laborious meal times where I want to gouge my eyes out. What tricks do you have that work with your kids?

Also if you’re not following me on Instagram you need to do that now. There are eight ladies who will be cooking recipes, throughout the rest of October, and you are not going to want to miss it. I helped them select recipes that fit their diet, audience, and schedules; so tune in  and be sure to tag me if you try one yourself so I can follow along! Tonight Maggie (@teamhemphill) made an amazing “toss and bake” Chicken Parmesan (I felt like we were cooking dinner together!) and 90% of the people at her dinner table loved it, even picky kiddos. Plus I’m over on my account making shepherd’s pie and roasted cauliflower tonight!

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